Saw You Today

I saw you today
the sadness in your eye
that look for my attention
feelings that can not die
situations that can not win.

I saw you today
smiles that wanted to reach out
just to say “Hi”
but I have nothing to smile about
our worlds have passed like the sky.

I see you today
I watch, I listen, I sink
do you see me the same way?
The outcome, nothing but a wink.
We were weak would you say?

I see you everyday
a venture neither of us could end
knowing that danger
I could never deny a friend

I saw you last night
in my dreams that is
through my tears it seems
I have become jealous
whats left though, is my dreams

I will see you tonight
the memories that last
the choices I have made
I have left them in the past
but no, the sunshine will never fade

I saw you today
I wink, I smile, at your playfulness
but it is all inside
we got ourselves in a mess
that day it crashed, and my heart died
did you see me that day?
When my world was turned upside down
and a shield surrounded me
it changed my smile to a frown
but the same in you, I did not see

I dreamt of you last night
silver lined and a picket fence
Did you see me in the sunlight?
My dreams, are without consequence.


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