My Soul

A cocooned soul,
Emerges from my lips.
Your kiss.
Awakens my spirit.
All the butterflies.
To sail across the endless seas,
Fluttered wings, upon the ocean.
Nerves scream.
The lust within your embrace.

Your kiss blossoms,
A feather soft touch.
Textured silk.
Feed on the veins,
That travel to my heart.
The rush,
The blood,
The tighten muscles.
Excitement across my skin.
It spills out.

Bodies become saturated.
Doused by cinders.
Impact remains.
The pith of ecstasy.
The nourishment,
The need,
The reclusion.
Surrounded by ourselves.
Lap the salted pores.
The hunger to feed.
Sweet lips,
Carnal kisses,
Come taste my soul.

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