Seared Lust

Her breath surrenders,
Invisible needles.
at every nerves end.

“I am the night sky,
Your kisses are divine.
Take me,
blanket me, with your stars.”

“You have taken me so high.
Where planets never do align.
Feel me,
Drench me, release my reservoir. ”

“Through a galaxy make me fly.
Bask my soul in our brine.
Bound me,
Deliver me, to this eclipse afar.”

His lips, drizzle upon her skin.
Hands, kneed billowed breasts.
Bodies, conjoin in Nirvana.

The reigns of joy she does hold.
Await his magic wand to explode.
Sow glitter, fireworks across the sky.

His stars embed bliss.
Upon her constellations.
Seared lust, forever in obscurity.


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