Burning Embers


Burning Embers

As fate would be, I thought I forgot her. Long sleepless nights far turned into days, weeks, has it been years? She is all grown up, married and settling into a place of their own. I find this out with a friendly hug that lasted a little longer than friends just saying hello. I wondered if she still yearned those uncivilized encounters? Nights of passion that only a simple word could bring us back into reality. Does she remember? The word?
I instantaneously sigh, squeeze my arms a bit tighter around her torso. Her breasts cushioned against my chest. Her arms melted around me. I run my hand up her back under her short reddish-brown hair. I find the roots and intertwine them with my fingers. Like she poured gasoline into my soul and ignited this wildfire I thought to be extinguished long ago. I pull at her hair. Those passionate blackouts return.
She shivers. Almost as she was reading my mind, whispers in my ear. “Wonka.”
Flashbacks fill my thoughts. With a grin I can barely speak. “I know that shiver.” My mind swells with the rest of my manhood. Excitement screams within my soul. I’ve tasted that shiver on my tongue. I’ve played, tormented and learned from that shiver. I watched it beg, trained it control and received it’s wrath of releases.
Before my lips lower to hers, reality strikes us dead in the middle of a public filled area. We hesitantly separate from one another. Our souls scratch and gnaw for us not to part. Her smile blushes, tells me it screams for me. Her eyes, an endless sea, fill with a blinding desire. She reaches her head forward and looks up into my stare as she has done so many times before. I feel the ground move under my feet. The chemistry is unspeakable, our skins ignite with a temperature and a long to submit.
After a few minutes of small talk and some rearranging schedules I find myself reopening the door to unchartered control.

“Soft spoken words whispered,
the mind loses all thought,
daydreams are the only focus.

The embers which glow within our soul
begin to erupt from this lure
feeds the devil it’s passion.

So volatile it awakens
the instability of a nightmare,
a nightmare so vivid
it’s pain is the eminent pleasure.

And so, the pleasures begin to feed.”

Just a few hours from where we unexpectedly crossed paths, I am filled with the anticipation to savor her beauty once again. Pacing back and forth I will wear out this carpet before it’s time. I snicker at the thoughts of being a school kid again. Teenage boy filled with testosterone at his first dance. Waiting for his first kiss. Playing the scenarios over and over how he will sexually end the night. Luckily for me our dance will weave the drive to satisfy our gratification. The events leading to this encounter will be the furthest thing from our minds. This evening will be an unbridled night of emotions spilling out, wanting, demanding more.

Back at her place she battles the emotions of her past and the love for her future. They never talked about themselves being together but they share that magnetic pull, sexual tension like no two other.
“Damn, I thought I’ve shaken him.” She whispers softly.
Her hands tremble at the sound of her words. She can feel her heart jump at the thoughts of my desire and the magic that erupts from her body. She rests on the edge of her bed and within seconds recalls my hands as she finds the wetness I have created without being there with her own.

The doorbell rings. My stomach flutters yet my nerves remain hard as steel. I open the door to a woman who silently pleads her sacrifice. Eyes that seduce my limitations. They plead to satisfy her appetite. Time to disregard customary intercourse, and allow hunger to devour submission.

I extend my palm outward to her hand. Not that she needed an invitation but rather to melt away the absence. My touch can sense the warm embers glowing beneath her skin. Soon to erupt from being held dormant. I raise our hands and glide her over the threshold. Behind her, watchful eyes who judge your every move are left to a law-abiding humanity. Her heel clicks onto the foyer. She has entered another dimension where fantasy and reality meld together.
“Damn you are hot as ever” I engrave with a seductive tone, as I seer her from toe to head with my eyes.
I barely close the door and her hands wrap around my waist. They caress my back and work upward. My lips interlock with hers. Tongues dash and dart for control. Passion feeds the momentum. Finger laced hair, pulling and combing their way to temptation. She tugs, I pull, our forcefulness strikes the match. Short thrusts of pain tantalizing our scalps. Moist wet kisses drown our dryness. Her hands so smooth and soft yet firmly work their way down my chest. She unbuckled my belt. The air is choking of nothing but sexual tension. She kneels in front of me, pushing me against the door. My pants and all jerked to my ankles. She maneuvers that magical tongue around. Her constant attack quickens. Sensation after sensation go through me like lightning bolts. My knees become weak from senseless waves crashing  through my body. Her moans filled with wet sucking noises begin to slowly boil my juices. The steam filling my veins, the hardness wanting to burst from its flesh. She devours me like she was forever denied my manhood. She grabs my ass.

My body begins to tighten. I feel the train ready to takeoff. I grab a handful of that shoulder length hair. I step on either side of her. Her eyes widened with fear. She falls back as I start to drag her across the carpet. Her moans grow louder to painful screams. I scoop her up and land her on the bed. Her clothes are quickly thrashed about. Spreading continuously over her body, my hands become the fiery flame that she can not, does not want to extinguish. Big masculine palms engulfing hardened nipples. Fingertips pressing inward, grabbing her succulent breasts. Ignoring her restraint to pain and moans to pleasure. My hands control her freedom and awaken the flow of lava within her veins. My hardness falls between her thighs. She closes her legs around me, sealing the moisture that is there. I lean over her and begin my descend down her neck. Aggressive actions laced with soft kisses trail their way onto her swollen breasts. My hands knead away at will. I begin to flicker the nipples with my mouth. Nibble and suck on the thimble harden excitement.

“Our world has always been an edge,
darkness filled with sexual pleasure.
It is a road that intrigues our drive.
The chemistry intertwines us
like savage animals at height of mating season.
Our ethics were teased with sexual screenplays.
Inspiration led to fascination
which led to temptation
which created this portal to unconstrained lust.”

My hardness slides deep in to her moistness. I begin to rotate my hips, pressing myself deeper and deeper. I feel the blood surface across my back as she claws on the pleasures I deliver to her. I pound my manhood as deep as I can. She yells in ecstasy, digging her nails into my skin deeper. I repeat that hard downward thrust that removes the air from her lungs. She holds tight with the anticipation of another, and another and another.
Her eyes begin to fill with tears. She filters through the pain and accepts the hedonism. She grabs her ankles, folds her body in half. I place my feet on both sides of the bed, Her sex angled high above the rest of her, I hammer repeatedly into her. Moans, screams, gasps, her face begs with tears, stabs with pain, submits to ecstasy.
We cuddle quietly, the silence deafens. Her touch is soft upon my chest. Glides her delicate touch over my shoulders and half way down my arm. She giggles aloud.
“What?” I whisper harshly.
“I can not believe I am here with you after all these years.” Her voice crackled with emotion. “We fade away from each other and somehow we just keep crossing paths.” Down her cheek rolled a single tear. “I honestly thought I would never see you again after last month.”
“Last month ?” I was surprised by this detail.
She blushes and bows her head into my chest. Faintly acknowledges my astonishment. “Yes, a few weeks ago. My husband was with me, so I pretended to be ill. Your aura does something deep inside of me. I had to have you. I have been following you for weeks, daydreaming, admiring, tantalizing. “
“It took you this long to say hello?” I questioned with a ticklish poke to her side.
“Well, you were always busy or with someone.” She hesitantly spoke. “More so though, I need you. I need you to satisfy my hunger. I can not go on without you. I have tried your techniques with several but I always end up with creepers or weirdos. I even asked my husband to be like you, and he tries, he really does, but it is no match for your intensity.”
“You told your husband about me ?” I blurt out, interrupting her.
“Well not exactly, just asked him to try a few things we did. I guess I tried to have him replace you. I said I read it in Cosmopolitan or online.”
“Well, how honored I am and now you have me to yourself.” I comfort her with a half of hug, bringing her closer into my chest. “You could of not tortured yourself for a month, you getting old on me?” I chuckled.
She did not answer. I heard a deep breath and a sniffle to hold back a cry.
We fell asleep cuddled on the bed. Something we never consented to back in the day. Me being older than her, I would go my way and she would go hers. She was beautiful then, and well gorgeous now as a matured mid thirties woman. Her skin continues to hold that youth.
I awake to a dark room.
One single candle burns far in the distance. I am on my back. Arms outreach to the sides, legs spread the same. I try to roll and feel for my playmate but panic slaps me in the face. I am tied spread eagle on the bed. There is a slight pain on my nipples and groin. She is taking a chapter from my book.
I try to speak, “UMMmmmm.” is all I can muster before I nearly black out.
I scream in utter horror as the whip welts a mark the width of my stomach.
“You will not speak unless I ask you to!” a stern feminine voice bellows out from the darkness. To groggy to question to much agony to care.
I hear a ratchet strap being cinched one or two more clicks. With this my legs tightened wider. My mind trying to stop spinning from the open sting of my skin.
“This is my release you sadistic man. I can not take it anymore.” She forces out these words laced with anger. “You, you alone are the cause of this.” Her crying and gasping for air, I can visualize her trembling. “I can not sleep at night thinking about you. Doing everything you want, just to please you, to please me. Allowing you to unleash your creative frenzies. Then anguish in your quick departures.”
“Now..” I try to gather another thought.
The whip slices away at my thighs before I finish my thought. Open flesh to air stinging from the inside out.
“I need you, don’t you understand. I can not live without your control.” her voice is settling down as I feel weight press onto the bed between my legs.
The room is too dark to make anything out, the candle is too small across the way. She touches my cock, a soft and gentle stroke as I remember. Unlike this bi-polar episode I just encountered.
Her tongue laps at my testicles then follows her hand up my shaft. I feel the restraint loosen around my head. It is quickly taken by her mouth. She pauses. Kisses the tip soft. I can sense her readjusting in the darkness as she shifts about the bed. Her femininity is burning hot as it slithers over me. She shivers slightly as her wetness saturates my length. Slowly she moves it up and then down. I can only imagine she is squatting over me, probably her ass facing me. Oh how I love to watch from this view. Her warmth slams down onto me, she cries to release which echoes throughout the room. Our skins slap together, slap, slap louder, harder as she works towards her orgasm.
Somehow her weight is not resting on me as she continues to bring me closer to an explosion. Her screams of release begin to come from her upper chest. Shorter and harsher, she nears the point of no return.
She collapses down upon me, grabs my ankles and drains her built up sexual requirements. The molten liquid meets my own outburst. Her ass wiggles about my groin, my cock is incinerated by her lust.
She twirls herself around. Falls onto my chest. I feel the puddle of lava still moistened enough to keep me erect.
“Damn you and your whatever it is that sucks my soul in.” She speaks with some heavy breathing. I can feel her heart drumming her outer wall. “Just when I think I’ve shaken you. Bam, I just think, gee, will this ever go away?”
She pushes herself up and straddles my stomach. “You sit deep inside me like a pile of quietly burning embers, then one fucking hug is like gasoline and then we got a wildfire that I can not control.”
She leans forward and moves her way up. The scent of our explosion spill from her thighs. The sweet nectar I begin to lap away at. She straddles my face and allows me to roar within her juices. I feel the rope loosen around my wrists. She frees the other. My arms sore from the stretch, but the tingling is going away.
“Grab my tits!” She moans as my hands are placed on her chest. “Squeeze them, good and hard. The ladies miss your touch. Don’t you want me?

My tongue flickered the answer deep inside.

“I want to be pushed to the place where I think about using our safe word.” Her hands grabs mine and squeeze. “But I don’t want to use the word.”

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    • Oh yes, a different light you are not accustomed to reading. Three lines and 18 words is challenging and has limitations. I am glad you enjoyed. Thank you for the repost. I very much appreciate that.

      • Your work is worth more than just a repost… But that’s all I got … 😉 “wonka”

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