Dark Night

Dogs bark in the distance
Shadows cast beneath the moonlight
Nightscape has covered the spring flowers
Crickets across the fields
A city whispers in the backdrop
The air sleeps tonight
The twilight opens its arms
I see visions of you
Run across my mind
Rush before my eyes
Hear the beautiful echoes
Bounce in my dreams
Slow rumble travels in stereo
A shotgun blast
Grasps the night
An eerie quiet
A peaceful view
Layers of sky, stars
An owl hoots
A chipmunk scurries for safety
The Milky Way brushes the twilight
Slight wind voices through the leaves
Rustles, speaks a language quite unique
Pockets of light, fill the night
Guides you from the dark
The moon will rise
Another dawn to the day
Reflections of sun
You wait for something to emerge
Out of nowhere to fear your fright
The wind chime plays the winds song
Your vision adjusts
Sees the reflection of tomorrow
Never ending change to a sky so blue. Black.


3 thoughts on “Dark Night

  1. Wow. This got my to thinking I should pay more attention to the sounds of night… I imagined everything you wrote, as if I was there/here hearing it. Great write!

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