Through my life the paths I cross
Damages, lies, faces on the ground
Self esteem is all but loss
When I hold you and life is found

I watch you open a new door
Leave behind storms of old
My gift here is to cure
So the story is told

Over the darkness
Through the gloom
You glide with finesse
A flower soon to bloom

I bathe in your beauty
Stitch feathers in your core
Nurture them to be free
Until your wings make you soar

Inlaid puddles from my eyes
It happens every time
A bitter sweet demise
The tower bells do chime

I blanket my pain
Conceal it from the mended
Because this loss, I do gain
As you were Heaven scented

He wisely chooses my friend
The ones with a broken heart
Knows I will pursue it to the end
While yesterday’s pain rips apart

Those first steps to your flight
This Curer has given you life
Only I hear the Angel’s delight
As you leave behind the strife

Do you see it in my eyes
My blood it is so true
The romance that dies
Every time I shed my wings for you


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