Behind Closed Doors


darkness closes in on him
the world around illuminates
a shrine cast by the light
the music plays on
her voice sings
sings in the twilight
of years past, gone
only she remembers the details
hot sun beats down
bronze skin beads summer sweat
salty kisses, holding hands
on the boardwalk to the bay
along their seaside stay
two young lovers trapped in lust
creative souls meant to be
her breasts complete
within his hold
bound by masculine hands
she loved his intensity
his tongue deep in her sea
only behind the doors so closed
as she was poised for more
the glory of what was next
who was next
what the fame did to her
left him hurt
hunting the grounds
she had disappeared
without a sound
all those nights he stood back
drove her around
so she could climax
sing in the limelight
leave him alone without a fight
he did it to himself
not seeing past her beauty
for years he never forgot
always wondered
how first love could hurt so bad
until that day
when she called upon his heart
it felt awesome
reduced his age in half
butterflies flew
but deep down he knew
she remembered the kisses
and walks along the beach
how her life was not happy
her pains for leaving him
an apology so she thought
was only an escape to the horror
she mentally was not over
her husband passed
had daughter perished
were signs for her to reclaim him
her lonliness drove her back
he felt the cupid strike that arrow
bled his heart to sin
dried it of coarse salt
once poured upon the wound
she would give up everything
for one night of him
to repay her love
give him what he was left holding
twenty years before
she played the high road
but when he looked
into those eyes so blue
he saw the age, the lies
sweet blood needles
at that moment he knew
why he was there in that room
while he made love to her
caressed her breasts
forced that pleasure
she was neglected of
he roared liked a lion
and pounded his chest
feeling her juice pour
flooding the bed
as he stood on the floor
she begged for more
he delivered everything he had
emotions sliced open his soul
veins fluttered dry
she found her glory
he saw through the blinds
he called her the next morning
was going to end it right
she did not answer
he banged on the door
hollow echoes
flashbacks of years before
he turned and left
she called his name
but now it was his game
he repressed her words
give it all up
for one night of his passion
he clamped his heart
the revenge she called it
was his retribution
of the years he never had an answer
to why his first love
walked out the door
started a life without him
as she cried for him
he again held love that died
he slapped his face
that morning after
and asked
how did she like
to receive
the lust, the love, the pain
not a month later
that room was gone
leveled by a tornado
took with it the gateway
to summer kisses
to everything they never had
when they swam
in each other’s love
if only behind closed doors


One thought on “Behind Closed Doors

  1. I can really feel the emotion in this. As if (and maybe I am) reading it from your true life experience. Excellent

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