Haiku’s written on the “Ku” app available on iPhone

Heart pumps rapidly.
Set ablaze by a fever.
Fuel from just one kiss.

There is a window
No shutters, no shades or blinds
Look into my eyes

I ripped your heart out
Tore down all the barriers
Gently, with a kiss

Saturated skin
Intensity lingers on
Kisses in the rain

Sweetness of your lips
Taste the need in your passion
The want of your kiss

My dear, Melody
Orchestrate how the song reigns
Rhythm through my veins

She lies there, naked
“Touch me, like you have before”
Whispers in her sleep

Bodies intertwine
Lost souls looking for pleasure
Kisses cover skin

A backdraft within
My fingers become the flames
Combust with your skin

The moon was in place
As I held the stars for her
Beyond Jupiter

On top of Cloudland
Below twinkle stars we stand
Feel them, in your hand

Peacock feathers stroke
Love keys on her piano
Sharp as spring tulips



3 thoughts on “Kisses

  1. I don’t know why I missed so many of your posts in my reader ūüė¶ but I’m glad they popped up today. I’ll have to sample that app.

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