Two Flames Burn


The day long, traveling. I was tired to say the least. It is late and I have to get up early. Hannah remembers me at the front desk. Hands me my cards to the room and shoos me away. I hike my way up the elevator and down the long hall. I slide the card in the door handle. The light clicks to green. I drag the handle downward and push the door open. Hallway light enters the darkness before me. I step in, I immediately sense a lingering scent. Its’ presence, saturates my soul. The door closure starts pulling the heavy door close as I reach for the illuminated light switch. I flip the switch to on as the door closes with a loud forceful thrust. At the exact same time the bulb flashes like lightening and leaves me in the dark. I stand stalk still. It takes a few seconds for my eyes to adjust. I notice across the front room through the hall into the bedroom is two candles. The aura in the room is nothing but sexual. The one candle burns, the other is a reflection on the flat screen TV. This mirage intrigues me for a second. I pace myself, restraining my eagerness for your lure, as I move across the carpet. I stop at the king size bed. The dancing flames allow me enough light to admire your beauty. I start at your feet and walk my eyes gently up your sleek, smooth legs. Discreetly crossed, the woman you are, the woman I am about to make you enjoy being. I rest upon your thighs, smooth, lotion soft, well toned skin. I grow within my restraints. My eyes continue to make love into your inner thighs, across your torso and climb the peaks of your breast. They waltz around your nipples as my tongue would, nip and suck down and up onto the other. Blood rushes to all avenues and all limbs. My shoes fly off. I pull my shirt high over my head and throw it to the ground with a teenager enthusiasm. The blood pumps harder, steadier and I lose my sight for a second. I hear the sheets rustle, acceptance, anticipation? The admiration or the unwillingness to not wait a second longer. It does not matter as you shift yourself across the covers and crawl to me. You unbuckle my belt and unbutton my trousers. Undo the zipper and let them fall to the ground. With soft delicate fingers you maneuver my underwear below the hardness that awaits you.

You hastily take it and begin battling between the wet sounds in your mouth and the enjoyment oozing out of you. Your hand cups my balls. They dangle as you juggle them between your fingers with moaning thoughts of them slapping you. My legs tighten, my hands comb the red strands that seem to glitter in the shine from the melting wax. I long for you, I feel the rush begin to build, as you devour me. I grab the short hairs on the back of your neck. You resist, wanting the salty taste, the desired pleasure that I will grunt and release with a gratitude. I avoid the avalanche of emotions and force you back onto the bed. You slither back like a venomous snake preparing to regroup and attack. I immediately place a knee on either side of your legs and prey upon your defenseless act. Your skin as hot as lava joining with mine. I plant my lips and feed upon your beauty. Your skin drips the eroticism I want, the eroticism you are willing to give. My tongue replaces my vision from before and holds your nipple prisoner. Torturing them between the pleasures of a sunrise, the pains of teeth clamped, forceful sucking upon them to the cuddling before a sunset. I release and begin my tour downwards. I lean into you and fall into your wetness. You are already melted and as pliable as the liquid from the candle. The room is filled with a music of moans and indulgence. Your hands pull at my hair. Your nails claw at the blood that pumps for you. I feel the flood gates open and consume the nectar wax you had built up for me. We roll over and you back yourself down, allowing me to plant a deep kiss and grasp your breasts. You stir your appetite by tasting yourself. I feverishly fondle your breasts and tug at your nipples. All I hear is your approval. Feel your approval. Our tongues spar. Our kisses become deeper and more passionate. My pores begin to dew which triggers something in you. You sense it, smell it, react to it. My lips and tongue replace my fingers. I suck your nipples until they become hard. You lower back onto my manhood. Slowly allowing the shaft to fill your pleasure. We crash in the waves, the tides well established. Rocking one another to a blindness. Before long my loose balls are slapping you vigorously from behind. Your sea feels the splashes, those hard thrusts about to make you burst. They hit you as loud as the heavy door slamming close. You erupt. I erupt. The lights turn on and as quickly as we melt with exhaustion and sail towards the horizon, in the aftermath of this storm, watching, dreaming, admiring. I am lost in a blissful dream. Wondering which flame or reflection is the lighthouse and which is the land I need to rest my flame.


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