Her Bodyguard


They fevered their lips together
Savages in this blissful lust
Each their own entrepreneur
He lifts her
Firm hold of her ass
Splashes against the wall
The ocean wave breaks on the jetty
He enters her
The water flows into the rocks
She grabs his hair and pulls
For the love of God
Her body is flattened
Crushed between two substantial forces
One does not move
The other pulverizes deep inside her
Her breaths turn to grunts
She has lost all senses
His barbaric actions take over
Pleasure is turning her mad
She gnaws at his forehead
He feels no pain
She unleashes her tide
He lets her drop to the floor
A rag doll, mindless stare
She takes him in her mouth
He releases his hot seed
She gags, but swallows all his has to offer
He grabs her by the hair
Pulls her flimsy body to her feet
She barely has enough energy to stand
Orgasms still rippling through her
He tastes himself in her kiss
You better gather yourself she thinks
As the elevator dings and the doors open….

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