Her Bodyguard Part 2

She adjusts her skirt
Composes herself
Elevator doors close
He is not done
Selects the highest floor
Her head is already above there
She shifts her thoughts
You want more?
He grabs her blouse
Rips it open
Buttons fling off the walls
Wetness runs down her thigh
Cupping hands upon breasts
Lips interlock in a battle
Her hand finds his hardness
Strokes it with urgency
Bra is lifted
Rock hard nipples
Distract his bite
His manhood released
She hops up on his waist
He slides in with ease
She cries for mercy
With every thrust
Her eyes explode with pain
His roughness is relentless
A caged animal let loose
She has no fight left
A wet towel torn to pieces
Exposed for the world to see
Higher than any drug
The elevator dings, the doors open
It is cold, dark
Concrete walls
Concrete floor
Not her penthouse
Her blood pumped harder
It fought to enter her veins
A large crowd crashing through a single door
The sign made her crave him even more
“Welcome to the Dungeon”


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