Her Bodyguard Part 3


Together they enter the passage
She clings to his rigid arm
Her rubbery legs
Depleted, dehydrated
*Drudging through the desert sun*
Chamber door opens
Slams with authority
*Hair rises to attention down her neck*
She shivers beneath her skin
Intrigued by the darkness
This unknown world
With humanity
He removes her clothing
*A feather descends slowly*
The want in his eyes
Need on his lips
She is under his spell
*Touch me everywhere*
The bracelets clank around her limbs
She can not move
She does not want to
Dragging chains
Distant screams
Anguished pleads
*Terror fills her eyes*
A thousand fingers it seems
Kiss her
Stroke her
Infuse her
Become wet with her
Whisper moans approach ecstasy
*Angels sing a harmony*
His soothing hands
All over her
Her breasts
Her nipples
Her groin
Her sex
*Heavy footsteps stomp around her*
*Mice squeal and scatter across the floor*

She can only hear her heartbeat
Ticking with anticipation
Clawing to escape
With his hardened stroke




She explodes uncontrollably
Spasms throughout
*A tidal wave breaks, changing the shoreline forever*
Cripples the demons to silence
Every touch
Every feel
Flashes before her eyes
*Roller coaster descends a hundred miles an hour*
Echoes in her mind
Spinning, spinning, spinning
She awakens to the blazing sun
Purity, lying naked in bed
Rubs her wrists
Feels the restraints
Shackled imprints engraved forever


4 thoughts on “Her Bodyguard Part 3

  1. Oh this is lovely! It makes my heart and other parts flutter with envy. 🙂 I think you should continue with the adventures of these two…I bet it’d be a lot fun.

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