Her Bodyguard Part 4

She stares out the window
Fondling her breasts
*His breath is the morning breeze*
Strong hands
Savage strength
Stiff cock
*Her hands become his*
Back and forth
Along her sides
*A lion pacing, stalking that fine line*
Breasts aching
Body pleading
Hands attacking
*The wild cat pounces on its’ prey*
Pulls at her nipples
Pinches for aggression
Simulates his onslaught
She is at her own mercy
Resistance is no longer
Finds it
Her sweet spot
Rubs it slow
Circular rotations
*Slammed into the wall*
*Punch after punch, his hips slap hers*

Fingers submerge deep inside
Plunge deeper, faster, stronger
Friction upon her clit
Lost in his presence
Her Indulgence
His empathy
*A match strikes*
Fire maps its way through her veins
Muscles stiffen
She tries to maintain
Loses all control to her rhythm
*Hot lava burrows from beneath her sex*
Erupts between her thighs
They close around her hand
Squeeze tight, holding his image there
Bathing in her own juices
She wets her salty skin
Tastes herself
From the valleys to the peaks
She Revisits
In her cleavage
Grabs those swollen breasts
Squeezes them together
In her need
Her hands become him
*As he watches through the keyhole*

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