When laughter was made,

and kisses shared beneath shade,

Oak carved memories.

Sultry eyes

Submitted sighs

My hand curves your side

My kisses,

Soothe your thighs

Winter’s bite

Is what brought us together

Kissing in the moonlight



Your perfume

Summer nights

Sandy beaches

Memories resumed

Held prisoner by your eyes

Seduce me,

Love me,

Kiss me with your sighs

Into sultry eyes

Mirrors rush around passion

kisses tell no lies

Eyes that light the way

Lips that kiss you from…

This fog

That suffocates

An addict

Always want, need

Your lips become my drug

Kisses that float in the cold

Soft snow

Flakes which do fall

Warming hearts

To behold

Cavalcade of lips

On renegade hips

Late night


Infused lips


Small sips

A glass never empty

Their lips summoned the rains

Which fell upon their love

Kisses were all that remains

His lips

Wrote upon hers

The Symmetry of Poetry

All over you

Sinfully soft



Wash away the longing

Fingers comb her hair


Kisses brush her heart

Kisses of the sea

Melody of the moon


For you and me

He laps the shores of her heart

Stealing it kiss by kiss

So they will never be apart

Her fingers do write

Where his lips will soon take flight

Working their canvas

into the night

Her moans lit the path

My lips strolled her skin

As the moonlight held us

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