Her Bodyguard Part 5 

Through the keyhole

He watches 


a cat perched upon the windowsill

He learns


Self inflicted pleasures

Every touch

Every moan

His eyes nibble

For he is hooked

And feeds upon

Dangerous curves

Carnal beauty

a school of piranha feed

Black and white

Evil and pure

He remains still


Without sound

riverside, a blue heron fishes



She holds form

On her hands and knees

She feels his stare

His desire

A laser scans, magnifies

Voluptuous lines 

Hidden freckles 

Hot flashes

Beneath grains of her skin

Enduring time



pages slowly turn in an oversized book




The anticipation

The screams

For him

Of him

his pulse roars through her fingers

Every breath

Every exhale 

She releases

Warm blushes

Is felt within him

Thumps loudly in his mind

a bass drum, softly kicks like a heartbeat

Her nerves



For acceptance

For command

For pleasure

The silence has her on the edge

standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, beauty meets fear

Static electricity sparks by touch

Bolts travel through her veins



To wetness

Which glistens from arousal

morning dew on a lily pad


Runs down her leg

She lifts her head from its bow

puppy eyes looking for affection

Glass filled, for he needs to accept her

To place a soft kiss upon her forehead

Let fingertips run down her cheek

Static aftershocks repeatedly stab at her

Soft purrs

Screaming moans

Internally craze 

His touch 

Her mind

So electric 

Hardness full of current

She needs him to complete the circuit

Enter her wetness 


Release her

She looks at the door

At him

The key to her ecstasy


3 thoughts on “Her Bodyguard Part 5 

    • Thank you. I never know where they will take me, it even keeps me coming back for more 😉 Kind of owe this series to you as you encouraged me to keep writing more of them, Thanks to you!!!

      • Ahh that’s sweet of you to say, thank you and you are welcome! 😘 I take great pleasure in reading them

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