Feel the Desire 

Orginial post and a special thanks for the inspiration.
Tori’s Desire
I need to feel you Savour the inside of me I long to feel your hands Caress the rise of my breast I crave the scent Of your masculinity And I desire to be one with you     ~Desire by Tori

Feel the Desire

I sense your need 

With my every kiss

I will indulge

My hands do feed

Your breasts of bliss

Feel my jeans bulge

Inhale the pheromone

My sex for you

Full of testosterone 

Tongue the fire

Your epicurean pool 

Feel the desire

As I flick upon your jewel

Moan, groan pull my hair

Raise me, a taste of drool

As my cock I will share

Filling your wetness inside

Your eyes do glare

As sex is gratified 


2 thoughts on “Feel the Desire 

  1. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    Oh yes! Heavy arousal (pleasantly) permeates the air we share! Hey folks – If you’re not yet following this guy, you need to go visit Day Dream Writer’s page for some really great prose and awesome poetry.

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