Her Bodyguard Part 6

Her curves act as pins

Fill the void to his stare

Master to her sins

He has broken the code

Her treasure is unlocked

No more keyholes

No more doors 

Her eyes meet his

Trace each other’s soul

Face to face

Heavy breaths 

Softened growls

His key cuts through her opening 

The tip reaches her core 

His bow, shoulders her

Out of control 

He chisels into her

Compressed whimpers, loud pants 

Hurried grunts

Wrecklessly, full steam ahead 

Their destination comes 

Just as fast

Just as powerful

They collapse 

*late night slumber, falling in and out of sleep*

He awakes

Fur cuffs are advanced another click

He panics 

Her heels mirror that notch sound 

Focuses upon her skimpy outfit

Across the wooden floor

*model walks the runway*

She secures all four bracelets



He has become her prisoner

Catlike, she crawls up his body

Purring, licking, teasing

She straddles his waist

He feels the smooth, wet, heat

Her sex brands his skin

*steam rises from charred skin*

She tents his face with her skirt

Juices stir around his tongue 

He licks and stabs

She squirms and moans

*not waiting on water to boil*

His tongue dives into her

Sweet ambrosia

He flicks and laps

Twirls and stabs

Finds her hardened spot

Pulsates it on his tongue

He is beneath her command

Yet he commands her 



Back and forth

Tracing her name

He plays with her clit

Feeding upon 

The passion.


The nectar.





A thousand fuses

Burning through every vein

*wax pillar melts away*

Revealing her climax

Deep, deep inside her

It explodes

Shock, wave after wave 

Crash through her

For she 

She has found the Master

To unlock.




photos found on Pinterest

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