Friday Flash – Verge

Thank you for the inspiration Friday Flash – Verge. What a broad area this word covers. I might even be on the verge of adding chapters to this prompt.

Jamie knew she was onto something. She giggled like a teen age girl being asked on her first date. Jonathan knew she was nothing like that. It was obvious when she brushed her hair back and he simultaneously mirrored the look of seduction she was looking for.

You see, Jamie and her girlfriends were in town for the summer. This is the last summer they will probably spend together as single friends. Come September Jamie, Darlene and Tonya start their new lives. Each a teacher, in a different school, in a different state. Since the fifth grade they have been inseparable. They mapped out this plan early in high school. Finish school, land a dream job, settle down, raise a family and remain close together. They were on the verge of this new experience called life. They were scared, nervous, but most of all, ready for it.

The plan was bound to fail once the girls had serious men in their lives. In all the years they never fought over anything, never judged and always had each others back. College boys strained that passion for one another, but never broke it. On several occasions the girls were given ultimatums. Through all of those, they stuck together and proved that the love for their friendship was stronger than they thought.

Tonight, Darlene, Jamie and Tonya are testing their boundaries as being bad girls. Well, as bad as they know how to be. What they are unaware of, is that they are flirting with gasoline. Their friendships, their careers, their lives are on the brink of something they never thought was possible.

The small seaside mansion that will host their last summer together was paid for by their parents. The place was a palace for just three. It had room after room for entertaining, a pool, hot tub, private beach. Six bedrooms that at least four would be considered a master bedroom in any other home. The girls were set up for summer success. The benefits were top-notch for three daughters who were admired for their sacrifices and devotions to family and friends.

The town was not a party town, by no means. It did have railroad tracks splitting the beachfront and rural areas. The train was accessible transportation to and from the city. It is how their families travelled here on vacation. It was the best means for getting around.

After a week of visiting the usual spots from vacations past, Jamie thought, “this is where our parents take us. We need to visit the other side of the tracks.”

She quickly spoke with some lifeguards in the afternoon and asked them for places to have some fun dancing. This is how Darlene, Jamie and Tonya were found dancing beneath the strobe lights of “Indulgence”.

“Not John, Jonathan nothing more nothing less.” His voice was soft, confident, commanding. Jamie took a liking to him right away. He was a magnet at the table and even the other ladies laughed and talked the night away with him.

Darlene and Tonya found themselves dancing together and although the prospects were many, they just did not want the casual attraction of conversation with Jonathan. There was something about him.

It was three o’clock in the morning back at the rental. The three were in agreement to invite Jonathan back for a night-cap. Maybe subconsciously they were thinking of a foursome. With two bottles of wine downed and the third just poured, Jonathan rose to his feet and decided he was going to settle in the hot tub. He stood naked for them to admire his buttocks before turning and quickly flashing his manhood for them. He sat down in the tub and soon coaxed Darlene in with him. She was a nudist by heart and it did not take much for her to bare her skin and join him. Not many sips later, Jamie and Tonya were naked and in the hot tub.

Jonathan played the Master. He figured the ladies were sowing their oats and he was going to assist. His seductive commands had Darlene making out with Jamie. Slowly he had all the ladies together putting a show on for him. They were drunk, they were bi-sexual virgins, they were listening.

The party moved inside as they began a foursome. Jonathan however had a larger picture in mind and made the three of them submit to his demands. The alcohol wanted him, but he knew the women wanted ‘him’ more. He suggested different positions and watched the three friends experiment with each other. Orgasm with each other in a way they never thought was possible. They knew exactly how to turn the other on. How to bring them over the edge and back. Meanwhile Jonathan just sat back and watched, he grew with every moan, every pass they made at him. He resisted. He admired their beauty from a distance.

As the sun crested over the crashing waves and onto the patio. Jamie and Tonya squinted, barely able open their eyes. Darlene was asleep on the lounge. They looked at the chair that once held Jonathan. He was gone. All they found was a note.

If you ladies truly want what I think you want, come to this address tonight. Arrive precisely at 8:27 P.M. Darlene, I would like for you to wear a button down blouse. White. No bra. Leave it untucked and the top four buttons left undone. Jamie, you will wear a sun-dress. Have it tailored so the front comes about two inches below your freshly shaved lips. No panties. Sit across from someone on the train and let them look up your dress. Tonya, you are to wear your smallest bikini with high heels. See you ladies then. Do you really understand what you are on the verge of? Kisses, Jonathan.

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