Verge ~ Part II The train

The ladies rang the doorbell at the address Jonathan gave them in the note. Tonya looked at her watch, 8:45 P.M.

“Why do you suppose he had a specific time on the note ?” Tonya nervously asked the others.

With that, the door opened. An elderly man dressed in a black and white butler’s uniform appeared. “Jonathan will not be pleased with your lateness, but you may enter.” He motioned for the ladies to step inside the large house. He led them down the corridor to a dining room table where Jonathan sat with a glass of wine.

“I wrote precisely 8:27 P.M., did I not.” Jonathan whispered with a deep anger.

“Well…” Jamie started to talk and was abruptly cut off

“I did not tell you to speak. I did not direct the question towards you!” Jonathan yelled across the room. “Come here.” He motioned to himself and pushed his chair back from the table. “You must learn from this.”

Jamie was scared but timidly walked to Jonathan. When she was next to him looking down at his disappointment she knew she had to be punished. Jonathan held out his hand, softly took hers and pulled her across his lap. He lifted up her dress and smacked her bare bottom with a force that made Darlene and Tonya jump a little bit. He struck Jamie three more times with his bare hand. The sting rocketed through her. Jamie’s eyes welled up, but she did not cry. She did not make a sound but accepted her punishment wisely.

“Now, go. Return tomorrow at precisely the time requested. Mathew will see you out.” He did not smile, he did not show any remorse or emotion. He remained with a cold stare, a stone demeanor.

Once back on the train, the three were silent. The train stopped and an older gentleman sat across from the them. He smiled graciously at their beauty with a nod. Jamie noticed he was checking them out. She decided to spread her knees a little and pretended to read her phone. The man glued his stare to her inner thigh. Jamie was surprised how wet she became. The train ride was about twenty-five minutes and Jamie aroused herself the entire time. As their stopped approached, she spread her legs fully and touched herself. Making eye contact now, she licked her finger and tasted herself. The man turned flush and just nodded as Jamie showed him one last time how wet she was and exited the train.

As they stepped off onto the platform Darlene and Tonya could not believe what she just did. They were scolding her of her actions. Jamie was in another world. She was horny, wet and wanted that good looking man on the train. Jamie was hooked. Was it the spanking she took for being late and speaking out of turn? Was it that a door was opened and she was on the verge of something new ?

Before the train could close the doors, Jamie turned and re-boarded the car she just left moments ago. Darlene and Tonya tried to stop her but they were too late. The quickness of her decision had the other two lost for words.

Jamie walked towards the man she just left. She had no idea what she was doing, She stared into his eyes. They were black, heartless eyes. They blazed through her, yet intrigued her.

“He sent me.” the man whispered.

“Who?” Jamie responded with a puzzled look.

“Jonathan, Jonathan sent me to see if you were being good and following his wishes.” He reached out for her hand.

Jamie stood there for a few seconds. Not sure to accept or turn and run away. Her knees were shaking, clapping together. She looked up and down the long passenger car. Three teen-agers were in the front looking the other way. Two seats behind them a couple were making out. No one was within five rows either way of them. To her left there was a man reading his iPad, and three other people turning the heads as Jamie scanned their faces.

“Come closer my dear.” The man spoke with a fixating spell to his voice. “Let me finish what you started.”

Jamie looked around again as the lights in the train flickered on and off. As everyone’s sight was taken away for about ten seconds, Jamie felt his fingers touch her. She stepped to his hand and allowed him to slide a finger on the outside of her hotness. She felt nausea but shook the butterflies away. There in the middle of complete strangers, Jamie held onto the standing room only strap and allowed a complete stranger to finger fuck her to an orgasm. When she finally could not hold out any longer, she exploded. Jamie lost all the feeling in her legs. Her blood boiled in her veins. She felt herself clutch around his fingers and her wetness race down her legs.

“Allow me to clean you up.” The man spoke in a mesmerizing tone.  He licked his lips slowly with his tongue. He stared into her eyes. He placed his fingers into his mouth and sucked her juices off of them. The whole time never losing that connection with her gaze.”My place is at the next stop.”

Jamie wanted to go with him. He intrigued her, he aura screamed sex, she wanted feel him inside. As the train came to a stop and the man rose. She was frozen in place. Too weak to move, to high to realize.

He walked to the doors and looked back at Jamie. “Well, are you coming or not ?”

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