Friday Flash – The Man in the Tractor

Today is Friday. So let’s get the pen out and write. Friday Flash – The Man in the Tractor.

Marie arrived at the Ag Co-op just like any other Saturday morning. The drive was the usual rural twists but today she kept feeling a strange aura, “there is something that is going to happen this morning.”

While gathering supplies she stumbled  upon a conversation between two very pretty well known lasses. Sara and Mary were just about cousins who grew up on a horse farm together. They were cowgirls from the long blond hair, tight fitting jeans and Ariat boots on their feet.

“I finally got my invite. I’m so excited.” Mary rambled with excitement. “I told Marty to turn down the road where that guy sits in the orange tractor.

“No.” Sara quickly responded. “You did what?” Her voice was louder than she realized it to be. “You have to call him right now and tell him no. Trust me, Mary.” Panic was shaken throughout Sara.

Mary was taken back. Surprised. She went from a young woman filled with giddy anticipation to a bewilderment. Marie could see the uncertainty, the need, the fear all bottled up in those pretty blue eyes.

“Is everything alright girls?” Marie asked.  She has seen the girls sprout into two beautiful women that stood before her. So interrupting them was like family, a close aunt figure the girls felt more than comfortable with.

“No ! It’s not” Sara jumped into a rage. “She invited her boyfriend to the orange tractor. Who knows what they will do to him.”

“Whoa, wait a minute let’s calm down and keep this quiet unless you want the whole town talking.” Marie took control of the conversation. Sara gave a large exhale as the three went outback. They found a hay bale and some privacy. You could see the anxiety in Sara. The little girl still in Mary.

“Do you know about the orange tractor?” Sara asked Marie nervously.

“The one that parks on the roadside every Saturday morning?” Marie questioned.

“Oh no, you really don’t know? You never heard of what is down that road?” Sara started to get up in a huff.

Marie placed a hand on her thigh and pushed her back down. “Oh no, you are staying here and gonna tell me all about this orange tractor I have spent the last several years wondering about.”

Sara looked down on the loose scattered hay at their feet. She reached and pick a straw up and started to chew on it. Something to calm her nerves.

“You have to promise we keep this between us only, please? They might hurt me otherwise.” Sara made the others promise as she continued her story. “It is an unspoken myth, but oh so real. The road is dusty and long. It goes all the way back to the base of the ridge. There is the most beautiful mansion with an overlook of the entire valley. What happens in that mansion I have never told anyone.”

“How did you visit this place?” Marie had hundreds of questions but felt stupid for interrupting Sara.

“You must be invited to go. The man in the tractor, he is the watchman. Invitees are asked to drive by during daylight hours and see where the entrance is. He notes every car that passes and verifies the same car arrives with you that evening. It takes months to enter into this, for a lack of better wording, cult.” Sara was in a trance as the movie of this orange tractor spilled from her lips. “The parties are every Saturday night. You travel the road to this big open field and a covered carport. The guests are valeted into the barn where your credentials are checked for accuracy. The men and women are separated, given a mardi gras mask. You must never take your mask off once it is given to you. The women will also receive a stick with a feather attached. The color of the feather denotes the level of that woman”

“Level?” Mary blurted out.

“Yes the first timers get purple. The bottom of spectrum. The rest of the colors had many shades leading into the rarest and most distinguished, white. They are experienced, survivors and leaders, professionals, doctors, lawyers, even housewives.”

“If you come with a partner, there are so many rooms, you would never be able to find them. Everyone around you is naked. Everywhere you looked was sex, a blowjob, a threesome, bondage. If you are invited by yourself as Mary and I were, your world will be changed forever. You are so fascinated by the mystery, so turned on by the concept, but so overwhelmed by the reality.”

Sara looked at Marie for approval, denial, something. What she found was intrigue. Mary watched wide-eyed as a little girl listening to a campfire story her grandpa would tell.

“I was brought into a room and stripped naked. There was one other girl there and we were told not to speak. The same man who sits in the orange tractor is in the room with us. He stands there, just stares into the room and does not acknowledge or move. We were then brought into a large open area where music blared so loud you had trouble concentrating. There stood a man with a full length royal gown outlined with jewels. He held a scepter. He would tap it on the floor, different times and ways, like morse code. It was a command for them…”

“Now, now what have we here.” The Co-op Manager Mr. Blevons approached the bale of hay that they sat upon. He was staring at Marie in a strange conspicuous way. Mary’s eyes lit up like a candle in the dark. “You sweet things should not be discussing matters like these here. We can always go someplace less vulnerable to others, if you would like to know more?” Mr Blevons wore a sinister, yet appealing smirk on his face.

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