Friday Flash – Risk

I must say, I had a hard time deciding on my response to  Friday Flash – RiskI wrote a short story and it really did not click with me. I continued another short story with the risk factor but thought I should broaden my imagination. So as I sit outside and the day escapes into night I came up with this. Enjoy !!

Judy was twenty-eight. She moved in with her parents because her boyfriend was put away for ten years. When the gavel fell in the courtroom, it echoed through her skull. She was alone, scared needed to start over.

It was a Tuesday evening. Judy visited the Rusty Acre bar were there was loud music, decent food and cold beers. It was located on the entrance road to the senior citizen development of a few hundred homes. This, her parents called home, for her, it was a last resort.

Across the street she stopped at the gas station earlier and bought a dime bag from the young kid Phil working there. He was seventeen, tall, stocky build and always hit on Judy.

While outside smoking a cigarette in between beers, Judy stared across the way and watched Phil work. She liked him, he was rugged, yet innocent. She wanted to be alone, reflect on her situation but the old drunks would not leave her alone. Judy ventured to her car. She liked the cool evening air and rolled down her windows searching for rolling papers. She could not find any.

The lights went out at the gas station. Just the interior bulbs shined on Phil. Judy decided why not, let me asked him for some papers. She drove into the lot and parked close to the door. He was just locking up.

Judy caught Phil by surprise. “Hey, you got some papers?”

“I just might, you going to burn one with me?” Phil flirted with her loneliness.

Deep down she wanted to say no. She was a little tipsy already from the beers and wanted to just mellow out. “Sure, hop in.” Judy leaned over and unlocked the passenger side door.

Phil got in and they drove back to the bar parking lot and sat amongst the over crowded cars and trucks. He rolled a nice joint and began to toke on it. They got into deep conversation and soon that led to a kiss, and another. They were stoned, lip locked in an intense kiss when the trance was broken by a policeman shining a light into their faces.

Once they broke away from each other, the officer left.

Phil and Judy giggled but they were high and needed to finish what they started.

He was too young to go into the bar, so Judy went back in to have one more beer. Phil ran across the road and drove down to the local convenience store. Eyes barely open as he grabbed a coke and put some condoms in his pocket. As he got to the counter, Lilly was woking.

“You are high my man! You need to share, I have to fill the milk, you got fifteen?” Lilly asked.

“Sure, for you babe, I have the night.” Phil giggled.

Lilly went to the storefront and turned the key. Flipped the sign that read, ‘Be back in fifteen minutes, filling the milk.’

Lilly and Phil went into the cooler and smoked a half of joint. This was pushing Phil into another realm. However he also knew it made Lilly horny. He stroked her large breasts and kissed her neck. She unzipped his pants and before Phil knew it he came with a loud groan as Lilly swallowed his seed. She zipped his jeans up and licked her lips clean of him.

“Oh my God!” Lilly shrieked and she looked at her watch. “I hope there is no customers out there, I’m going to get in big trouble.” She scurried out to the door and unlocked it leaving the key in the lock.

There was two cars outside and Lilly felt embarrassed but was high enough to smirk it off.

Phil slipped out of the cooler, paid for his drink and as he was exiting the store, grabbed the key out of the lock. Lilly was distracted by the elderly woman giving her hell for probably fucking the guy while she waited to buy her milk.

Phil had a key in his hand. Not sure why he grabbed it but went back to the Rusty Acre and hung out with Judy. Her kisses tasted of Budweiser, but he did not care. She had a pint of southern comfort and they also finished that.

They moved their car to the overnight parking lot, more discreet and fucked in the backseat of her car. She felt young, she was so high she wanted him again. He made her feel like she was seventeen again.

The crash was coming and Judy had to go work in the morning. She felt like a school girl going home to listen to her parents give her grief for partying all night.

It was after two in the morning and Phil parked his car.  He stumbled across the field and through the woods. He waited for the traffic to disappear and walked to the door, using the key from earlier that evening and let himself in. He crashed to the floor immediately and crawled to the register. He got some thirty bucks and was able to dig a few more twenties out of the floor safe. He packed a tote full of cigarette cartons and some cold cuts from the deli cooler. He got some more odd and ends and placed it all at the back door.

He opened the backdoor and moved his stolen goods into the tree line. Phil was shaking and totally blitz from the encounter. He traveled back across the field and could not find his car key. He panicked and franticly searched the ground. Daylight was coming. He found his key and made the get away as traffic picked up on the road.

Phil drove home, showered and decided to go back out and get a cup of coffee. He pulled up to the store and two police officers were taking notes.

“Hey Judy. Is everything alright ?” Phil stared into her eyes and could only feel her hips crashing down on his.


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