Verge -Part III The Risk

Jamie recalled the vision in her mirror as she let the silky garment flow over her body. It settled around her curves and revealed the emptiness between her breasts. It was a void she did not know until the orgasm a complete stranger gave her. It was a short train ride but it opened doors Jamie never knew were closed. The risqué dress gave Jamie power. So short, the altered bottom exposed her sexiness. To be sexually open like that was out of her comfort zone. The energy that fueled inside when she put it on, screamed confidence. Jamie snapped out of the trance as the older man spoke. “Well, are you coming or not?”

As Jamie exited the train with him, she was about to face her fears. Unbelievable fantasy was all she could think of. It was Jonathan, another complete stranger who persuaded Jamie to strip herself of all inhibitions. Did living dangerously come with a price?

The man who fingered her in public, walked by her side and made the uneasiness go away. He joked with Jamie and spoke like they were old friends. This was a gamble with a huge reward if she won. It outweighed the uncertainties. An experience like that on the train was worth a chance. Jamie knew she was vulnerable, but was willing to succumb to the unknown. She was alone, going with the flow.

They arrived at his place and Jamie was reluctant at first but soon entered. It was a gutted house with very little furniture. She immediately noticed thick wide bracelets bolted to the wall. She envisioned herself chained there. Feeling his hands scorch her skin like the mid-day sun did earlier. She desired to feel her femininity once more, to regain what he left on the train.

“Do you find them enchanting?”

Jamie quickly turned to the voice. It was his voice but she was caught in her daydream. She wanted to speak but the wetness that was building up overcame her strength to talk. She plunged back into her trance. Lifted her dress overhead and discarded it to the floor. She felt his eyes travel up and down her beauty. They briefly stopped at her nipples, so erect with excitement. They felt like little nibbles as he continued down to the taste on his fingers.

Usually Jamie would fret being naked in front of anyone, let alone this man. Although, this summer was about freedom. She was liberated from everything that was secure in her life. She was still willing to roll the dice to experience the unimaginable. The unthinkable fantasy that laid dormant inside.

No one else ever took a risk like this. Darlene or Tonya would never, or would they? It was the three of them that went to Jonathan’s. That was different. They knew him. Did they really know him? They tried to stop her from boarding the train again. Thoughts raced through her, from uncertainty to excitement.

His hand softly trailed down her cleavage. Lightening bolt searing between her breasts. Her heart pounding so hard it felt like it was trying to exit through her nipples. The craving that ate her alive was bottle inside, still tamed. The subliminal summer was about to be unleashed. The void within her released.

When his fingers entered her sex, Jamie felt the rush slam through her. Actually it was her being slammed against the wall. Shackles painfully clamped around her wrists. Pain shooting deep inside her vagina as his hand delivered hurt. This encounter turned terribly wrong. The risk was alive, growling in her face. Panic was scratching outward through her skin. His tongue replaced his fingers. Jamie was on the verge of orgasm. The fever increased across her eyes. Her insides were a rapid boil. She felt nauseous. Blackness shuttered her sight into darkness. The conductor holds the cord for the train whistle. Heavy strong wail consumes her. She floods herself with a never-ending climax. She opened her eyes to see him kneeling in front of her, her spontaneous risk shed in. One she thought was calculated. One that was not out of the clear as she felt the restraints tighten around her ankles.

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