Her Bodyguard Part 7

He enters the shower

Joins her beneath the waterfall

Rubs his hands across her back

Smooths them over her shoulders

Lathers them down her spine

Cups her ass with his grip

Pulls those hips toward his

Spins her around

Covered in soap and him

She engages in a kiss

Backs her up against the tile

He slides a finger in

Moans echo beneath the water

She props her foot on the tub

His hand works the wetness

Her thoughts become a fluster

So much passion

So much water

She submits to his needs

Her needs

Clutches his neck

Rides her rapture on his hand

He scoops her up

Carries her off

They cascade onto the bed

Form a puddle as one

Splashing in the waves

That crash deep inside her

She becomes a spigot

Overflowed screams drain from her

As her body is cleansed by him

*Pictures found Pinterest

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