IMG_6944-0His eyes softly touch

As his fingers, hands

Thoroughly explore.

caressing, stroking, ripples across her chest, hardened nipples, weakened legs, roughness spills

Skin was her boundary

Until those lips

Took her beyond

hunger travels from his lips, to her cheeks, down her neck, between breasts, teasing, licking, until they enfold her nectar

Moans swell with passion

As control bendsIMG_6933-0

By kisses that surrender

she arches her back, accepts arousal, rousing, stimulation that loosens her stance of being in charge

Limits are a distant memory

As they indulge

Further that internal crave

her mind blanks of restraint, his want far exceeds the power to hold back, allowing him beyond her boundary

Bodies become reckless

Succumb to another

Grunts are their only sound

intensity forces windows to open as they join in a rhythmical motion as one, together, melting within the moment

Flood gates openIMG_6934-0

The release screams

Consent to concede

nothing could hold their waters from spilling into the main stream of emotions, an approval to admit to one another’s defeat

*All pictures via Pinterest

5 thoughts on “Boundaries

  1. Perfect, perfect — !
    First of all … mmmmmm!!!!
    Second … the format works beautifully. A lovely rhythm — a tension and release, the whole way through this piece.
    Really enjoying this —!

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment. Mmmmm sounds the tension ? or the release? 🙂 Either sounds good to me. Yes I wrote it two different ways and decided this flowed the best. I truly appreciate your input. Thanks again.

      • “Mmmm” indicates a bit of (pleasant!) tension on the part of this reader 😉
        Almost experimental, this format – and I think it added to the meaning and the feel of the poem very well.

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