Turtle Walk

Tonight while on vacation we once again signed up for a Georgia Sea Turle Center Turtle Walk. This will be our sixth year doing so. The walk teaches you about the endangered loggerhead turtle. You then walk the beach in hopes of seeing a loggerhead turtle crawl onto the beach, dig a hole and lay her eggs. 

Our guides this evening have been two for two this year encountering a turtle crawl. The streak continues as they are now three for three. We were able to witness this rare moment as a turtle, named Piñata, crawled onto the shores of Jekyll Island, Georgia. This was her fourth time doing so and we hold this memory forever in our souls. To be a witness to this was incredible. We did not see her crawl from the ocean but were able to watch her finish the lightbulb shape hole for her eggs. The turtle patrol measured and recorded all her facts and confirmed her tags. We did see this estimated three hundred pound turtle lay eggs into the sand. Once she was done she began the task of disguising her nest.

First she used her hind flippers, slowly covered the hole. Almost patting it down and smoothing the top as if nothing was there. Then her front, larger flippers started to toss sand over her shell in efforts to hide her nest. Once done, she turned and headed for that crawl back to the ocean. Her route was not direct with many pauses, but the track left imprinted in the sand will last forever in my vision. She left behind her nest, never to return to see her hatchlings race from predators back to the waters they fertizled in. 

We could take photos or video but I will return and snap a picture of the nest markings to hold some physical evidence for myself.

I have been amazed with “Georgia’s jewel” from the very first time I visited six years ago. Over those years, I still find, even more beauty within its shores. 

Memories like this I hold forever and are something no one can take from me.

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