A Coma

They celebrated their daughter’s twenty-fourth birthday. Lisa enjoyed the family time, out for pizza and a beer with her parents and sister.  As everyone was leaving the restaurant, Lisa took her younger sister to pick-up a few things on the way. They were all going to meet back at the house for dessert. Mom and dad left the kids and headed for home. While dad was driving mom had turned into a cheap date. Consuming just a few drinks she was loosened up. She reached over and began to rub on his shorts. Pressing her hand up and down his crotch. Feeling his cock grow and push the limits of those shorts. Dad reached out and instead of cupping her succulent breast, his hand was filled with bra padding and a shirt. Not something that you would get excited about, so she dug into her bra and peeled out her left breast. Traveling down the interstate at sixty-five miles per hour, he now held her in his palm. The softness of her, the hardness of her nipple. He caressed and prowled on her chest. Car after car they passed not once concerned or caring. The voyeurism was coming out of them. Her slight buzz had her giggling and sparked something in her eyes he had not seen in a while. She soon covered herself but never stopped from stroking the bulge between his legs which was trying for an escape. They arrived home and as they entered the house they found themselves locked in a groping, clothes stripping kiss. Peeling away article after article of clothing until she was bent over touching her ankles as his shaft disappeared into her wetness. He was aroused from the car ride home and accented the final inch into her as his balls slapped against her lips. He grabbed her hips and forced them back as this happened. She let out a loud sigh as he grunted deep with another slip and forceful re-entry. His hands clamped down on her ass as he picked up the pace and the forcefulness that he fucked her with. She reached up and grasped his balls into her hand. Juggling them in her fingers as he tightened his ass in shorter but firmer strokes. Her moans grew, begging for more. He would never disappoint and slapped repeatedly into her, grunt after grunt until they fell onto the floor in ecstasy. They knew what made each other click and were joined together in this mind blowing orgasm. He stood and started to gather his clothing but she was intoxicated by him, of him. She reached up to her knees and took him into her mouth. Her eyes glazed over and full of lust she was lost in their sexual blackout. The scent of them marinated together. The taste of her juices lathered on, as her lips ran the length of him. He grabbed a hand full of hair and clutched onto it. She felt every strand about to release from her scalp. Her mouth clamped down onto him and her bobbing and sucking increased. She felt him jitter in her hands as he stood in this dominant position, but she ultimately was the one in control. At this point he shivered again and she knew he was very close. She raised her stare up and gave him the eyes of want. He met her eyes and released himself into her. She slurped and savoured every droplet that he had. The want, the need of their sexual energy towards each other was uncontrollable and left them in a coma without time to sober up.

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