My last post, A Coma had one comment that really sparked my core. Thank you missameliaandsir for the inspiration ! If you have a chance, stop by missameliaandsir and enjoy some fantastic posts.


She loves the flush on her cheeks. The pulse in her core, as his words produce her blood flow.

Whispers spark a light into her eyes.

He leans in, barely touches her collarbone. Erotic shivers tingle down her spine. As his breath caresses, strips away her inhibitions.

An exhale ignites fire deep inside her frame.

His hand is allowed to slip down her chest, rotate and cup her thick awaiting nipple. Her skin agrees to bequeath her wealth to him. Accepts those pleasures that fondle off his tongue and linger around her neckline. Releasing her into nakedness.

A gentle breeze, sighs that pinken her glow, bloom internally.

Amorous words make love to her. Whispers barely spoken, become a blissful frenzy. Her pith can no longer control. Sighs evolve into comments he has written on the passage of her body. Immense intensity of every syllable his lips leave for her.

Kisses, whispers, blend and brand.

Simple touches soon turn into driven commands. Reality of words shape into a mission of passion, desire. His tongue defines the meaning of every sigh, every burn that heightens within her.

Words resuscitate her into a daydream of sexual realism.

The flush that fills her cheeks. The pulse that keeps her alive. The book she keeps in her core. The words he acts out, produce the river, that continuously flows. 


*photo was taken from pinterest

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