Epicurean Flight

From the shadows she will stalk

wicked eyes troll the night

seduction is her ultimate walk

Once her prey is induced

risque pose as hook

her quest, is the one to be seduced

Slight twitch explodes in his eye

feel the hook clasp

his cock hardens, ready to satisfy

Slow seductive approach

fishnets disappear

under skirt his eyes encroach

Hear those high-heels

grab his attention

the adrenaline flow is surreal

He is a casualty of sexual lure

release in a bestial act

for she, is just an epicure

Here they stand, chin to chin

no words needed

as her devilish tongue laps his skin

Impatient hunger is their desire

slam into the wall

their hands groping like wildfire

Bodies naked ready to explore

in the alleyway

humping on the floor

He does not contest

as they roll over

she fucks him hard, hands on his chest

Fingernails educe gore

claws deeper,

he can not move, possessed by this whore

She devours her slaughter

laving in the carnage

she once, was someone’s daughter

As the sun steals away night

she escapes his purlieu

having reaped him, to continue her flight


*photos taken from pinterest

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