The Bottle

I sit back into my favorite chair

with two fingers, untwist the capIMG_8350

hear the seal break apart

for me, louder than a beer tab

raise the clear liquid bottle

place it gently upon these parched lips

tilt the base upward

swig from the shortened neck

immediately the scorch hits,

heat fills my mouth

I swallow

the burn travels

slides into my throat

leaves a trail down my chest

into the loneliness

awaiting more

bloodshot eyes, blurred


you have slithered into my veins

instinct brings your smooth glass lips to mine


and again

i can feel those kisses crawl inside me

those fingers through my hair

the clear liquor stings my senses

i taste your fire with every swig

you straddle my lap,

feel that cock throbbing for you

throbbing, pulsing, absorbing you

causing that wetness I feel

you grind down,

feel how hard i am

for you

how your clit rubs against me

you grind harder, intensify the feeling

your wet pussy

encircle my vein popping cock

the chemistry marinates

i swallow the blaze of your body

watch those hips rise and lower into my lap

my cock reaches for your pith

filling you with an ache

my hands cup your breasts

your nipples begging to be sucked

i find relief taking them in

slowly drink from their sturdiness

squeezing beneath the areola

enhancing the pull my mouth has on them

like every swig, I cannot get enough of your nipples

you stand and turn

lower your ass back into me

perfect pear shape, baby skin ass

you bend over

showing me how I turn you on

your lips awaiting

I pull you to me

my cock disappears

moans fill the air

i watch the moisture run out

as i fill you to the limit

you devour all of me

i smack that beautiful ass

as you grab my balls

clutch and hold them

bounce your ass in short hops

pushing my cock deeper and deeper into you

feeling the waves of release

I tighten with anticipation

as I climax with an uncontrollable hold on your hips

pushing myself deeper than ever before into you

releasing my flame into your embers

i awaken

slobber crusted on the corner of my lip

an empty bottle in my left hand

my cock, rock hard, aching for you


*photo taken from pinterest

5 thoughts on “The Bottle

  1. My mouth is completely dry as I finish this read because I am actually panting. My heart is racing and my core is pulsing. What a magical bottle you have, Sir. Magical indeed. Can I have a sip? 😘

    • Miss? You are asking? Of course you may have a sip. The bottle is so magical you may bathe in it as well. (**sounds like some inspiration**) love you comments, thank you for supporting my daydreams 😉

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