Morning (Dew) Kisses

I look out the window and see the morning fog. It lingers over the pasture into the valley and climbs the peaks. Morning sun barely gashes the night. As my mind wanders to your breasts. Succulent facade strokes my internal drive. The spray spills like kisses upon your skin. Hovers intimately on your curves, my hands fulfilled by you. I change into the fog. My lips carry a moisture as clouds encompass your body. The morning dew transforms through kisses onto you. Your accepting skin gives no resistance, a harvest for my hunger. Heaven has lowered an erotic softness over you. My onslaught leaves you completely saturated for the sun to sear. Ignite the passions beneath your skin to churn into a blazing burn. A mist, a thousand kisses let your mind walk through my passion. Feel the kisses arc within your sex. 


*Photo taken from Pinterest

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