Dark Twisted Trail

We walk down the path where autumn leaves sparkle. Their colors shined against the moon light. Hand in hand I try to be the courageous one. I can feel her bones trembling. I pray it is from the chilly night but I know deep down inside it is from her fear. This was not her idea to be out here. The path is not wide but lined with various trees. It is by no means straight or well laid out. The twigs and leaves crush beneath our steps filling the air with a creepiness. We chat back and forth to distract the other noises we begin to hear in the distance. As our eyes adjust to the night so does our brains. Confused and see images you only see at night walking in the woods. Were they real or was it a frenzy of mind over matter? Larger and louder steps creaking and cracking deep into the woods that surrounded us. Every once in a while we hear an owl or a hoot. The deeper we get into the forest the crazier it gets. We hear grunts or growls and she clings tight onto my arm. Our pace has slowed tremendously and we cautiously find our footing one step at a time. She screams at the top of her lungs as she hears wings flapping above us and pushing air down upon our heads. I cuddle her in my arms to protect her. I myself squeeze my eyes tight. Reminding myself I have to be the strong one, I can not allow anyone to hurt her. Soon silence regains itself around us. I edge her forward and she resists at first. Reluctantly she begins to walk and tries to support her steps as her legs shake with fright. I can feel her grasp taking the circulation out of my fingers. We make it around a sharp curve in the trail and something runs about ten feet in front of us. It looked like a deer but there was no way I was convincing her it was anything but horror. The footsteps stop abruptly as a gunshot deadens our thought. She is hyperventilating, crying and breathing uncontrollably. She has cemented herself to this spot in shock. I coax her along and whisper that everything is going to be alright. She stares at me with bulging eyes. Fear spilling from them as she looks through me. If her eyes could not get any bigger they exploded with panic as she started to back up. I turn to see a black cloak hovering towards us from the trees. She is off and running before me and I feel the hairs rise on the back of my neck. We tear through the darkness like light. She stumbles and falls. Crawls and scrapes away at the leaves and dirt to continue to get as far away from whatever was in the trees. I stop and assist her to her feet when a loud hecklers laugh fills our terror-stricken minds. We take off running to who knows where to escape the demons lurking at every corner of this trail. We make it to an opening. The moon gives us enough light to see it is a cemetery. We slowly try to find where the trail continues. Tombstones of all shapes and sizes fill our horizon. Fog settles down from the treetops making this almost impossible to see. We creep along the ancient grounds leery of every step. We make it across the field when a blackbird lands on a curved headstone not too far from us. It crows once. Stops us in our tracks. We look around and see another appear and they begin to cackle back and forth angrily at each other. She points at the woods and pulls me in that direction. At first I did not see the opening and hesitated but she was determined to leave here. As we make it to the enclosed forest we step away from the moonlight and run into a spider web that felt more like glue than a web. She screams and the crows loudly flapped their wings back into the night sky. I was wrestling with the spiders weave as I feel something crawling on my arm. I shrieked like a little boy and slapped myself hard. The skin to skin noise echoed around us. We heard crunching of leaves and rustling in the near bushes. We returned to a slight sprint to remove ourselves from the torment behind us. After about a hundred yards we slowed to a walk with the silence of night. Here, with every step there was nothing. No noises, no sounds just dirt scraping at our shoes. This lasted for a little while when we heard movement in the thick brush and witnessed a set of eyes staring intently back at us. The twigs cracked as another pair of yellowish eyes appeared. I could feel her body shake within my hold and I slowly moved her forward. With that we hear what sounded like a mouse trap snap very loudly and an animal burst out in a horrible yelping which did not stop. We took off running as the trail began to change direction with a lot of left and right turns in succession. This did not slow us down until we saw a fire through the bare trees. The closer we got to the flames the less we worried about sound. We were focused on the fire and immediately convinced ourselves it was comfort and protection. Just as we escaped the wooded area and saw the flames reach for the sky a chainsaw roared behind us. Laughter chased us back into the crowd of onlookers. Each one awaiting their turn on this Halloween night at Jason’s Haunted Trail.


My part of the Friday Flash Challenge

*Photo taken from pinterest

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