Lexi – Part 1

He had to take the chainsaw out. It was his last resort. She had gone too far, again. Curled in the fetal position with spilled blood covering her body. She knew she did wrong. He could not take anymore death. She was his dream, she was HIS.

“This must come to an end! ” His scream faded beneath the revving of the chain saw. “You were told time after time!”

The demon inside lingered just below her skin. It waited patiently to escape. It built up a hunger that when it appeared it claimed life to feed it’s own need.

The blood splattered across the room as the chain rotated rapidly around the blade. The engine drowned the terror that washed her from his memory. She was beautiful, she was…. beyond his grasp of darkness.

Dr. Russo was paid by the mafia to clean things up. This was to be another one of those jobs. Dr. Russo looked at his phone and saw a text from Paulie that he was not prepared for that evening. ‘Beach house needs cleaning.’ He knew right away that he had to stop what he was doing. He had to go to the beach house and clean things up for Mickey. Never a dull moment when Mickey has someone to call.

When Dr. Russo and his assistant Thomas arrived up the coast at Mickey’s beach house, there was two men in suits waiting just behind the wrought iron gates. The two soldiers verified who he was and allowed him to enter the grounds. The dobermans ran lose up and down the long driveway but came running when Paulie blew the silent whistle. Dr Russo and Thomas drove into the opened garage. The house was well-lit for two-thirty in the morning.

Once inside, they noticed a flawless woman on the floor. She was gorgeous. She was naked. She was beaten. She was… Lexi. He made many bodies disappear, it was his speciality. This was no different, even if he had slept with her on numerous occasions. Even if he performed several enhancements to make her more beautiful than she naturally was. He could not speak. He felt his dinner rise from his stomach. He swallowed hard. Thomas noticed something was wrong. Dr. Russo could not let on that he knew her. That she, that she was Mickey’s daughter.

Thomas was a quiet man in his early forties, just ten years younger than the doctor. He was methodical in his cleaning and detail of what Mickey paid them extremely well to do. Thomas would stay to his sanitizing but something bothered him about this corpse. Thomas made no mention of her warmth to Dr Russo. Blood was still flowing through her veins. Slowly, barely but there was a heartbeat inside. He raised his eyes to the doctor and never spoke a word. He just stared, glared at the doctor. Dr. Russo looked over his glasses as they rested half way down his nose. His focus lasted long enough for Thomas to know that he was not the only one to notice.

Their demented minds immediately had other plans for Lexi. This was an opportunity and this duo always took advantage of opportunities. They laid her in the usual body bag. This routine was done dozens of times and both knew that words were frown upon when dealing with a Mickey situation.

As Dr. Russo closed the trunk to his BMW, he turned to Thomas. “I will have David come pick you up.” Dr Russo looked down at his watch. It was 3:08 in the morning. “Say around 8:30. Is that ok?” The doctor had his chin pressed onto his shirt and raised his eyes to look over his eyeglass frames once again. Thomas nodded his head and carried his tool boxes back into the beach house without ever answering.

Paulie came up alongside the car as Dr Russo opened the car door. He held the door as the doctor sat in the car. Paulie spoke in that low italian draw. “No need for David. I will have one of the men drive him.” This was never considered before and should have thrown a red flag but Dr. Russo politely agreed and closed the driver side door.

The guard opened the gate so the BMW could exit the grounds. It turned onto the winding mountainous road back to the city. Usually that would be the last connection of anyone associated with the scene but Paulie followed him in a tinted window escalade.

…to be continued


*photo taken from pinterest

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