Lexi – Part 2

The road was dark and the morning sun fought with the moon as he entered the city. It was an eerie sky cover the entire ride. The scene was dark, so was the dismal thoughts that circled in his head. Why was Paulie following me ? Why did he say someone would drive Thomas back ? That is not protocol. This was Mickey’s daughter, illicit or not, this was family. Lexi, who could hurt her ? Who would want to ?

Mickey was a well known businessman in the area. Him and Jack Russo were school yard friends. It started early in their lives. They lived in the slums on the edge of town. They were neighbors and would walk to school by default. The boys were a statistic in poverty. They had no fathers, lost in the war. Their mothers struggled raising boys in a time when the military draft could devastate a family. However Mickey and Jack were survivors of their environment.

It was in the eighth grade when Mickey and Jack bonded for life. Mickey was a player and had the street smarts. Loved the girls and played every sport there was. Jack on the other hand was a nerdy young man who was not shy but never fit in socially with the other kids. On that first day of December Mickey was running a bit behind. He was jogging to catch up with the other neighborhood kids. He turned the corner to see his cousins making fun of Jack in the alley. Working him over for his lunch and what small money he saved to buy his mother a Christmas present. Mickey hollered to the them. “Come on.” The two cousins stopped immediately and ran off with Mickey.

Later in science class, Jack sat next to Mickey. It was test day and he noticed Mickey was struggling with the exam. Jack reached into his notebook and took out a blank piece of paper. He slid his test paper back into the notebook. Mickey’s face questioned the other boy’s action until Jack made himself throw up on the blank one. The class erupted with disgust and the teacher ran with the waste basket to Jack. They threw away the mess and Jack told the teacher it was nerves and he was fine. The teacher gave Jack another test paper which he quickly filled out for Mickey. The life long bond was created.


Dr Russo turned left onto the service road that led behind his institution. It was a mental facility on the outside looking in. It was a private hospital, clinic for the many people who did not want society knowing their business. Dr Russo pulled his BMW into the underground parking garage. The arm raised to let him enter as Paulie creeped slowly by the entrance and eventually out of sight.

The car drove pass the signs to the left that stated for ‘Authorized Vehicles Only.’ He followed the tunnel deep beneath ground level. His remote control raised the steel roll up door and allowed him to park in one of the several partitions. The overhead door closed down as David pushed a stretcher out the automatic hospital type doors. Dr. Russo popped the trunk and the two lifted Lexi onto the stretcher.

“Take care of the beamer. No evidence, David.” Dr. Russo was tired, stern and preoccupied for any small talk. David immediately noticed these features and caught the keys Dr. Russo tossed to him.

Once inside the sterile room of whiteness. Dr. Russo unzipped the bag. There laid a woman he loved. If Dr. Russo had loved anything or anyone, it was Lexi. Yes, she was half his age and could have anything, anyone she wanted. “What happened to you Lexi?” Dr. Russo asked the air. He dragged her onto a hospital table. The bruises on her skin shined like flourscent paint. He set up an IV. Plugged machine after machine into her veins and taped wires on her head and chest.

The loud beep of a heart broke the stillness inside the room. It screamed LIFE with a rhythm in time. Lexi was alive, even if she was struggling to stay there. Dr. Russo made no attempt to cover her naked body, he just stood back and stared. His fingers combed through the dried blood knotted in her hair. He ran his hand on her back and blue cheek. Her skin was just as smooth as he remembered. He examined every inch of Lexi. “You were mauled. Who ? Why ?” Dr. Russo whispered in the empty room of medical machines telling him that Lexi was still fighting.

After a few hours Dr. Russo awoke in his chair at the foot of the table. His eyes slightly opened, followed up her legs. He rose to his feet. Squeezed out a sponge in a bucket of warm water. He washed her feet. The bottom, between her toes, the top not missing a detail. He rinsed and worked his way around her ankles. His soft touch was caring, sensual. He massaged the bruises with the sponge and soothed over them with his bare hand. He continued to clean her legs. He worked slowly with no sense of urgency or time. The bath had made it between her thighs. He dripped the water over her sex. Rubbed the wetness with his fingers until one of them entered her. The doctor caressed her muscles. Played with her clit and was so relax in doing so. His delicate touch soon felt her invitation for another finger. He slid them in and out as disciplined as the monitor beeped her life into the room.

After quite a while of this, the lubruication sounds he created were making the bulge in his pants grow. He dropped his scrubs to the ground and stroked his cock in unison with his fingers in and out of Lexi. Dr. Russo slid her body down the table until her firm ass was resting on the edge. He held her legs up and entered a very wet unresponsive warmth. He watched as every inch of himself disappeared into her vagina. He thrusted deep and saw her breasts jiggle a bit. Those breasts he operated on twice. The way they jumped inside her flesh. He was crazed with the image and began to slam his cock into her so her chest would jolt and those tits would bounce before him. Dr. Russo rocked his hips in and out of Lexi with a steady motion. He was passionate about fucking her, he wanted her this one last time. The grunts soon turned into heavy breathing, skin slapping and juices slurping at the friction. He kept at it, going harder and faster into her as the build up finally released and he felt her tighten around his release into her. She screamed in orgasm and clutched the sides of the tables. His entire body was stiff with release and hers as well. Lexi had multiple orgasms as the monitor raced. She flooded the table with a mixture of them.

…to be continued


*photo taken from the internet

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