Lexi – Part 3

The grunts soon turned into heavy breathing, skin slapping and juices slurping at the friction. He kept at it, going harder and faster into her as the build up finally released and he felt her tighten around his release into her. She screamed in orgasm and clutched the sides of the tables. His entire body was stiff with release and hers as well. Lexi had multiple orgasms as the monitor raced. She flooded the table with a mixture of them.

 Dr. Russo was in a zone. He was memorized by Lexi. How good it felt to be inside of her again. How her eyes filled with fire during an orgasm. The blackness, the blood which filled her pupils. The flames he saw during their release. This was his creation, his experiment.

“Doctor? Umm Doctor ?” David timidly broke the connection Dr. Russo had with Lexi.

“What !” The doctor growled with anger steaming from his nostrils.

As Dr. Russo waited for David to explain his interruption, he scooted Lexi up the table and laid her legs flat. His pants confined his movement as he turned towards the doorway. Lexi turned her head and her eyes rolled into her head. It caught David off guard as he stared, almost in trance into her soul.

“What in the hell do you want ?” Dr. Russo was curt with the young intern.

“Paulie is here.” David whispered. “I thought you might want to know. I will tell him you are umm busy.” David began to close the thick steel door.

“Where is he?” Dr. Russo was hurried and nervous in his response. “Is he down here ?”

David was intrigued with the beautiful flesh that laid naked before his eyes. He ignored Dr. Russo or was preoccupied with fantasies about Lexi’s body.

“Damnnit David, stop gawking, have you not seen a naked woman before ?” Dr. Russo was impatient with him.

“No, no he was walking up the front steps. Security called down here.” David washed the daydreams from his mind but still felt the inches grow in his groin.

“Stay here and watch her.” The doctor was very stern in his commands. “Do not let anyone in here, you hear me.”

David nodded his head in agreement and allowed the doctor to hurriedly exit the room.

The heavy door made a loud thud as it settled back into a large clasp for the handle. Then an internal bolt automatically sealed it so no one else could enter or leave without a security code.

 Alone in the room, David moved closer to Lexi and noticed blood seeping from her eyes. She was crying blood without making a whimper or sniffle of an actual cry. She still grasped the sides of the table but not with the force as before.

Lexi had a sun kissed natural tan. Even lying exposed in a fairly cool room, there was not a goose bump to be found. Lexi had skin so smooth it would almost reflect the ceiling as a still pond on a summer’s day would reflect the clouds.

“Wow. Very, very nice.” David barely broke sound as he whispered over her body. He continued to slowly move around the table. As he reached the foot of it, Lexi slightly spread her legs. Her juices glistened from her folds. David grew instantly grew hard.

This caught his detail to attention. Lexi began to caress her breasts. At first cupped each one with a tenderness. She then tweaked each nipple with just enough pull. David was more than interested in assisting. He stepped closer as Lexi repeatedly pinched and pulled at her nipples. She licked her lips and gently moaned. She did it freely, naturally as though she to was being turned on.

“Touch me.” The words effortlessly escaped her. “I want you to touch me.”

David reached out and slightly grazed her hand as it massaged her breast. She placed her other hand over his and pressed it onto her breast. Her nipple stabbed into his palm as she arched her back and held him there. He closed his fingers into a grab of her breast. Lexi sighed in acceptance. This encouragement led quickly to David now taking both hands and kneading them over her chest. She writhed in pleasure as David soon found his mouth groping on her nipples. He would licks soon turned to a slight nibble.

“Oh yes suck them.” She breathlessly whispered.

David shivered away the excitement and focused on a long and steady sucking of her nipples. Lexi ran and her fingers in his hair. She even forced him into her, holding him there to keep the constant bliss.

After about ten minutes, David found himself straddling Lexi on the table. His cock poking into her as he could not get enough. Lexi unzipped his pants and unleashed his hardness. It was throbbing for her. She encircled the bulging vein with her hand and slide up and down the shaft. Palming the tip and firmly down stroking the skin to  heighten the feeling even more.

David feeling control shift, raised himself off her chest and closed his eyes with his head back. He was coasting in the enjoyment of the hand job Lexi perfected on him. She knew how and when to grasp and cup his cock. As David felt the room begin to spin he opened his eyes and looked down at Lexi.

Her eyes opened like a spring snapping in a roll up blind. They were filled with darkness. Black depths with blood erupting from the pupil. David instantly was in fear but Lexi held his cock firmly. She slid up from beneath him and he sat on the table. With her free hand she ripped the wires from herself, no more monitors, no more IV. She pushed David back and he crashed hard onto the floor. She quickly followed and continued to stroke him. She scraped her nails down his chest and along the base of his manhood. He was in shock, frightened and yet extremely turned on.

Lexi took him in her mouth and moaned loudly from the taste of his precum. She swallowed his entire length and hungrily sucked his cock to a near climax. Then she stopped. David begged for her to continue. Begged for her to make him cum inside her.

“Fuck me” David pleaded with her. “Fuck me.” He grew loud and vulgar with a frenzy to release his built up sexual energy.

Lexi stood. She straddled him and spread her lips to show him how wet she was. She lowered herself onto his awaiting cock. He groaned loudly in pleasure and pushed up inside her as far as he could. Her hips crashed his back to the floor and she pounded herself onto him. Her hands held his chest down as she impaled herself onto his rod.

“Yes, fuck me. Fuck my brains out.” David yelled reaching up to Lexi and grabbing her head.

He squeezed her head and the flames flashed in her eyes. Her moans turned to a snarl and her fingernails dug into his chest. They raked down his torso as she slammed one last time over his cock and flooded it with her orgasm. The blood gushed from the gash marks on David. He tried to scream but was caught between a world of pain and pleasure. Ultimately it was the stillness of his body that brought Lexi back down to earth.

There sitting on David, feeling his seed saturate her insides, she knew. Lexi knew she had to feed. Had to swallow him. She inched herself down to his balls and took them in her mouth. She licked them clean and watched as her hand brought the last drips of David to the tip of his manhood. This is where Lexi took those last droplets of David and left him there lifeless in a puddle of sexual madness. She swallowed the very last part of his manhood and life.


*photos found on Pinterest

3 thoughts on “Lexi – Part 3

    • I guess I will take that as a compliment lol. Thank you. Thank you. I truly appreciate your support and comments. I love reading them.
      Yes, my mind can be twisted but HEY it’s Halloween time and sometimes DayDreams are actually NightMares. Ok sexual over the edge NightMares. BUT they spill from my veins just the same. Oh AND even I raise an eyebrow sometimes when I read them. Stream of consciousness edited slightly. 🙂 This series of posts (Lexi) has an outline so look for more as I can juggle between work and play. 😘

      • It is absolutely a complement(ish). 🙂
        I LOVE how they “spill from your veins.” It turns me the fuck on. So, I don’t really care that you need to work and forbid you from play until my desire for more is satisfied. So, get to writing. This girl has SERIOUS NEEDS you know. 😉

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