Lexi – Part 4


Lexi laid between David’s thighs. Saddened that she could not stroke life back into him. She licked their juices from his skin. She cried a single drop of blood from her eye. It slipped off her cheek and fell onto David. Lexi stared at it for several minutes. Inside she could feel the echoes in her soul crying. There was a depression stirring inside her. She was crashing from the high and realizing what was in front of her. It was not the first time, will it be the last ?

The door unlocked and pushed in. “Come on, no one uses this room.” The male voice was accompanied by a girlish giggle. The two quickly closed the door behind them. Lexi snapped out of her trance and felt the real presence of two strangers. The moans filled her silence with interest. Heavy breathing translated into kissing. The moans were swallowed within the two but extremely loud in the mind of Lexi. She could hear their hands fondle at the scrubs, groping one another in a lovers passion.

Lexi slowly turned to see the four legs now making their way to the wall. She watched as one pair of pants fell to the ground. Then the other person kneeled down with her long blonde hair cascading down her back. She began to hear wet kisses. The male lets out a fairly loud moan. His hand rests on her hair and he begins to comb it with his fingers. The woman begins to bob her head. Loud occasional slurps fill the room. Lexi herself begins to feel aroused.

“Oh yes baby. Suck it. I love the way….” His voice fades off as she moans and a very loud sucking sound pops from her mouth. “Oh, yes, like that.” She strokes his cock and Lexi feels her eyes bulge from the scent of his precum. Groans and moans, soft and loud fill the quiet room. Soon the grunts muffle her deep breathing as the girl begins to suck him again.

Lexi makes it to her hands and knees. She very precisely places one hand gently on the floor followed by a knee. Her crawl is like a large cat stalking their prey. She is stealth like in her motions. The monitors and table block the gore from the two young lovers. As Lexi moves ever so close to being seen.

“Damn baby suck it. That’s it” He moans the words out as Lexi hears the sucking sounds grow faster and steadier.

The large interior bolt to the door unlocks. “Oh shit!” The male whispers in panic.

Thomas enters the room. He looks to his left and watches as the girl wipes her mouth and sprouts to her feet.  The guy quickly pulls his pants up and tries to hide his swollen cock.

“What… No I see what you are doing here ? Where is David and…” Thomas stopped in mid-sentence. “Get out ! NOW! Get out of here !” Thomas pointed out into the hallway and screamed at the two as they passed him. You could hear their footsteps running down the hallway.

“David?” Thomas whispered. He took one step forward.

Lexi hears a gun cock and one loads into the chamber.

She watches as Thomas takes a step towards her and David. Lexi smoothly lays face down and pretends to be passed out.

One more step and then an abrupt click clack as his shoes made the sounds of him abruptly turning around. Thomas quickly exits the room and slams the door shut.

Lexi does not move. She remains there. Not scared or shaking. She is withdrawn from the intense suspense. He mind spins, her body needs to finish that blowjob. She imagines joining the couple and finishing what great ground work was started.

Lexi slides her hand below. She spreads her folds apart and slides a finger across her wet pussy. Rolls over with eyes as wide open as they could get. She stops her fingers and circles her clit. Pushes effortlessly inward, which makes her jolt inside. She slides it side to side with a stiff middle finger. At first she was hesitant in her actions but her mind kept replaying the sounds of that girl sucking. Lexi inserts her fingers deep inside. The moan is eerie in a room stillness. Her vagina fills with shockwaves as her other hand continues to rub herself into ecstasy.

Thomas runs down the hall and into the office. He fumbles with the phone but eventually dials Dr. Russo.

Dr. Russo was on his way to meet Mickey. Paulie gave him no other option. They were in the escalade speeding down the freeway when the phone rang. Thomas was blunt and to the point but Dr. Russo showed no emotion or concern in front of Paulie. Just acknowledged him and told him to keep it under lock down until he gets back.

“Fucking psychos” Dr. Russo laughed as he placed his phone back into his pocket. “Some crazy trying to break out.”

Paulie looks over and tries to see if the doctor is showing any signs of weakness. He stares at him for much longer than he should.

“What the fuck, you driving or trying to fuck me.” Dr. Russo retaliated back to Paulie. The whole time is wondering if Paulie knew Lexi was alive or even if he knew it was Lexi to begin with.

“How the hell do you deal with those imbeds?” Paulie turned back to concentrate on the roadway ahead of him.

Dr. Russo slouched in his seat a little and thought to himself how small Paulie seemed right now.


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