Miss Librarian

She knelt down re-shelving books

Crystal eyes yearn for what was inside

She fanned the pages, wishing for those looks

Until dark and handsome

Put her in a trance

Strolling down the aisle

To romance


She hurriedly replaced another novel

Her blood pumped, but she was in denial

With a blouse loose for show

She bared her pale white chest

How could her wish, “just say no?”


They ransacked the bookcases

Ripping each others clothes off

Her storyline began to swell

As he pressed hard inside

Wow, he was hung so well


Dirty words lifted her aloft

The pages turned so fast

She could barely breath

For her dreams were fulfilled at last


The chapters have long ended

Her nerves are an emotional wreck

She grasps the books in her arms

Still feels him savagely upon her neck

As the goose bumps become his kiss

Her stare held such a glow

She swore she let out a hiss.

To which,

She climaxed below


*picture found pinterest

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