Lexi – Part 5

Dr. Russo met with Mickey. It was business, all business.The talks were softly spoken. Most of them took place when they walked outside in the middle of his estate. Nothing to do with Lexi or last night. He even invited the doctor to that same beach house next weekend. Usually when a place needs to be cleaned everyone stays clear for awhile.

On the way back to the hospital Dr. Russo could not resist the secrecy no more. “Paulie.” He paused uncertain how to ask.

“What.” Paulie responded in a tired and aggravated tone.

“What the hell is going on?”

“What do you mean, Doc ?”

“I mean with last night, the girl, something is not right.”

“What girl ?” Paulie looked at Dr. Russo

“Do even give me that shit, what girl” Dr. Russo replied.

Paulie never responded. The rest of ride was silent back to the hospital. Paulie dropped the doctor off and drove away. Dr. Russo stood in the tunnel watching the SUV disappear up the drive through the gate.

As Dr. Russo pushed the door open, Thomas was right behind him with gun to his side. “Put that thing away.” The doctor whispered as they cautiously inched their way to the table that once held Lexi.

There lying on her back with one hand cupped on her breast. The other hand holding herself, her orgasm which escaped to a puddle on the floor.

Dr. Russo thought to himself, ‘she is a fucking sex machine.’ He stared at her release. He felt himself grow hard, harder by the second. He just stared at her relaxed muscle. Lexi had a thing for the doctor and Dr. Russo most definitely had something for her.

Thomas knelt down to David to check his pulse. “Dr. Russo.” Thomas waited for an answer then looked up. He wondered what had caught his full attention. He looked back down and for a second admired her nakedness and then shook his head. “Doc!” This time it was louder and grabbed Dr. Russo’s attention. “He is dead.”

Dr. Russo had no expression on his face, no emotion that David was dead. He scanned the dead body. The bruises on his face, the dried blood that seeped from the several claw marks that raked his chest open. The smeared blood that covered David’s thighs.

Dr. Russo lowered himself to Lexi. Examined her flesh for life before he placed two fingers on her neck. It was barely there. Lexi was in the same coma state as last night. “Help me pick her up.” Dr. Russo addressed Thomas.

“What? You’ve got to be fucking with me.” Thomas remarked back.

‘Come on, there is nothing we can do about David, but she is still alive.” Dr. Russo spoke with little to no emotion at all.

Thomas eventually helped him place Lexi back on the table. Dr. Russo hooked the monitors back onto Lexi. Thomas put his plastic gloves on with a snap of latex to each one. He meticulously started his duty of cleaning the remains of any crime off of the floor. He wiped the equipment back to a factory shine.

Dr. Russo bathed Lexi again. This time he refrained from extracurricular activities. Especially with Thomas in the room. The two did not speak the entire time.

Dr. Russo left before Thomas. When Thomas was ready to leave, he stopped by her side and whispered softly “What the fuck are you?” and walked out the door.

The next morning Dr. Russo visited Lexi. He did not have to inspect the job Thomas did in concealing the horror of David’s body. He knew Thomas was the best in the business. He also knew that he lost a good soldier in David.

“Why Lexi?” The words barely left his lips. “Why?”

Dr. Russo nurtured Lexi back to a healthier state but it took him a little over three days. He never felt she was a flight risk so he never restrained her to the table. Thomas however disliked this idea and regretted having to check on her while the doctor was away tending to others or catching a nap.

The morning of the fourth day Thomas was cleaning  the place up when Lexi moved. Her eyes opened and she looked around. Mostly at the ceiling but she slowly scanned the room.

When Dr. Russo relieved Thomas he lectured Lexi about losing control. How he trained her to feed off of sex but never, ever lose her state of mind. Lexi rolled her eyes at him, but he continued his onslaught of words towards her.

The door opened and Adam entered the room.

“Hello Adam.” Dr. Russo spoke in a professional voice, “Glad you decided to take this role.”

“Yes sir.” Adam was a little hesitant in confidence but tried his best to shield it,

Dr. Russo explained his duties to tend to Lexi’s every need until he returned.

Adam agreed as the doctor left the room. He checked the vitals according to the monitor and recorded them onto the clip charts.

“So, you are the one.” Lexi quietly spoke.

Adam turned and gradually looked up her long legs, over her a freshly shaved pussy, and a well endowed chest to met her eyes.

“The one who likes secretive blowjobs with the girls.” Lexi tested him by sucking on her finger. As she got to the tip, she made a loud wet suckling noise.

Adam felt his cock spring to attention. He was already beginning to throb as his eyes hovered over her nakedness.

“Yes, that’s good, I sense your cock is hard for me.” Lexi changed her voice to a more seductive one. “Come closer and let Lexi feel that hard cock of yours.”

Adam was stunned for a second. Unsure what to do but his testosterone was pointing him in the direction of her. He caught himself grabbing his hardness to slow the arousal down. Instead he shivered inside.

“Let me do that” Lexi reached out to Adam. “Let me stroke your cock like that girl did the other day.”

Adam had a confused look on his face but stepped closer to the table. “So you were in here that day?”

“Yes darling. I was so disappointed you didn’t have a chance to cum. I wanted to taste you running down my throat.”

Adam felt the precum surface to the tip of his cock immediately. “You want to suck this?” Adam placed his hand over hers and held it on his hardened vein.

“Oh yes. Yes I do.”

Adam placed his hands into his scrubs. He pushed them down enough to release his cock. He was so hard it sprang out like a broken spring. Lexi encircled the shaft and gathered the foreskin to the tip. She then brought it back to his balls and stroke him in a smooth fashion. The strokes were experienced ones, not some young girl in a horny frenzy.

Lexi turned to her side and took him in her mouth. She replaced her hand with her lips. She used the same strokes up and down his cock. Her hand caressed his balls. They playfully swayed in her palm.

Adam took his hand to her hair. He played with it, used it to hold her head. Once he felt she was locked in his hold he began to tighten his ass and push forward. Now he changed the rhythm to a steady rocking of his hips. Lexi did not mind this a bit, She welcomed the dominance, even helped him by grabbing his ass with her hand. She pulled him in deeper allowing him to fuck her.

Soon Adam began to moan. “Oh yes baby. Suck it. I love the way you suck like that.“

Lexi closed her eyes and heard his grunts rising from deep inside him. His words were a flash back to a few days before when the young girl was sucking him off.

“Damn it baby, so good,” Adam was short breathed but managed to grunt his words.

Lexi came up for some air but her hand quickly took over where she left off. Her palm slide back and forth with ease as he was covered with her salvia. She gripped tightly as her fist closed over his tip. Adam was quivering, ready to explode. Lexi worked feverishly on him until he let out a huge groan. Her mouth openly accepted his length and seed. Hot cum splayed down her throat. He spasmed holding her head, not like she was going to move it anyway. Adam needed something to hold himself up. Lexi devoured every drop of semen that came out of Adam. She licked his foreskin to his balls.

Adam brushed her hair like she was his pet.


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