Sensations Abound

   This is a collaboration with a very talented woman. Her blog was one of the first I followed. Once you have read her work, you will also know why I have been a fan ever since. She inspires with beauty, lust and desire. I enjoyed writing this piece, even if I held back at first 😉  Hope you enjoy this duet and please visit her blog for some more Wet Bliss.

Knots tied, assumed roles
Bathe in anticipation,
Of lips losing control

A tidal wave of awareness
Rises with every breath
Divulging in sheer bareness

Quivering thighs, as skin is patrolled,
Submission is sensation,
Ambition begins to enfold

Intimacies pleasure is found
Shared essence of heated flesh
Secured in love that bounds

Smoldering beneath such restraint,
Emotions smear
Kisses stroke as fingers paint

Orgasmic swells, continuous ride 
Cravings fed to a hungry mouth
Patience guides, eyes full of pride

Bodies buck, muscles tight
Pleasures of an ardent core
Swallow your eyes in the moonlight

Collaboration between ~ADaydreamwriter ~Wet Bliss (Italics)

15 thoughts on “Sensations Abound

  1. Reblogged this on Wet Bliss and commented:
    It was a pleasure to team up with A Day Dream Writer, on this collaborative piece. If you haven’t been to his site do yourself a favor and head over there now cause your missing out. Be sure to read the recent Lexi installments they’re perfect Halloweenie reads.

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