His Hands – Her Hands

Miss Amelia and I have tried our skills again. Seeing things from both sides in Your Eye Too she decided to challenge our views with ‘His Hands’ and ‘Her Hands’. I enjoyed writing this with such a talent and hope to join words again in the future with her.  Hope you enjoy !!

His hands

Are strong, sensual and commanding

They demand my soul to bend to his will

They grip and grasp and pinch and pull

Yet my body stands, unyielding to his torturous touch


They become the liberators of love, passion and fire

Lighting my skin with a fleeting brush

Electrifying my core

Leading me to indescribable ecstasy.



Delicate petals, soft sensuous silk

Tenderly stroke roughness away 

Scratch, claw, pleasures to sin

Comfortable warmth, feelings of home 

Knead, massage, muscles and core

Magnetic pull of release 

So eager to explore

Stimulates, piece by piece

Her soothing touch will sear

Exquisitely smooth, 

Diversely begs, hungrily for more

Every sense, 

Every curve

Initiator to cadence

Ignitor to every nerve

His Hands ~ missameliaandsir
Her Hands ~ ADayDreamWriter

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