“My Lady”

My Lady,

As the trains race by, stop after stop into the city we ride

You read across from me daily, book after book, day after day

Only our eyes speak across the aisle

Do you wish for desire my lady?

A hand upon yours, holding yours, along a journey to writhe with me

Fingers interlocked with yours, someone to hold, control you into ecstasy

Do you wish this my lady ?

Whispers that tingle your senses, needles that run down neck

Your love for words, what words do you wish my lady?

Words moaned against your ear, intentions sighed upon your neck

Kisses that land on those sultry moist lips, inhale my words, my essence to desire you

Do you hear me, my lady ?

Is it the lure in my eyes, to undress you with desire, stroke lust upon your body

Skin so soft my hands melt with it, smoothly skim to barely make contact

Feel you quiver beneath my palms as I reach your swollen breast

How it fits perfectly into my hold as I hear you gasp for air

Do you wish to gasp for air, my lady ?

When i move my tongue across your salty skin, towards your wetness

Nibble and suck those stiff nipples, a rigid arousal beyond your limits

Do you want to feel this talent I have, my lady ?

Lapping between your folds as required by passion, by need

Up and down your sweet honey, lick after lick, savoring your pearl

Swirl, tease, pulsate your bud, submerge my tastebuds into your warmth

Do you wish to loosen your restraints, my lady ?

Free to blanket your curves with my hardnessIMG_9140

Come together, as oral sounds electrify motivation

Release those words you hold inside, within that resistance to let go

Let go and accept my fever to spell orgasm deep inside you

Do you want ?

Want, to feel me press deep inside of you my lady ?

My hands groping your ass, pin your hips to my face

Do you want me to swallow your juices my lady ?

Devour the velvet from inside your sex

Do you want to feel this raging cock my lady?

Thoughts of you spill over me, flood my mind with ecstasy

I want to master your release, let it go my lady

Release yourself from that seat and come to me, come with me

Do you wish my lady?

Wish, to writhe in such pleasures my lady ?

The train stops and before my mind catches up to reality

I see you blush, looking up from the spilled ink left on your lap

Are your panties wet with desire my lady ?

Am I the book you are yearning for my lady ?

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