Evening Delight 


Long hard day at work

You walk through the door 

Stressed. Tensed. Tired. 

You secure the handle and turn

Wanting a glass of relaxation 

I startle you with my presence 

Hungry lips find yours

Deep passionate kisses

Wrestle with intensity

Hands firmly grab breasts 

Your shoulder bag falls 

As do I, to my knees

Unbutton your slacks

Run fingers through my hair

I slip beneath elastic thong

Feel your smooth silky skin 

Bare your sexiness as I strip you  down 

To the floor pants fall

As you step from them

Smooth shaved pussy I face

Fingers run over your sex

Aroused I taste a bead of release 

Seeping from within, I kiss softly

Arc yourself against the door

Spread your legs a little more

Run my hand up your leg between your thighs

Just brushe and tease your folds

Feel the warmth magnetize to my fingers

Slip into your wetness

  Quickly replace it with my tongue

Slow intimate tastes of your honey

Each lick I push harder inward

Feel your clit give resistance 

Pull hair, reach down my back 

Rip my shirt away

Animal instincts

I flick into your sultry stream

Nails peel away a layer of my back

Insert a finger up your cunt

Jab my tongue hard over your clit

Alternate back and forth

Another finger two join 

Slippery wet steady flow

I rest back on my heels

Motion takes control, fingers fuck 

Wetness slaps forcefully, penetrates  deep

A scream releases as juices cascade 

Retreat fingers out with suction sound

Mouth dives between your weakened legs

Uncontrollable orgasms spill 

Sucks your pussy dry 

Belt off and jeans drop

Scoop you up as you hug my neck

Your legs wrap around my waist

Rigidness easily enters your warmth

Muscles contract around my shaft

Push my length deep inside

Grunts in a pleasurable agony

Steady my hips in and out

Bodies slam into the door 

Moans grow loud

Words quiver with heavy breaths

Balls slap a juicy repeat 

Another ogasm floods my hardness

Volcano erupts

Explodes with a fever deep inside

You fall limp on my shoulder

I lay you on floor 

Barely conscious, inebriated state

I grope your breasts with my mouth

Feed upon your nipples

Eroticly work my way down

You flinch wildly as I touch your sex

Your pussy is sensitive and worn

Tongue seperates your folds 

Laced with salty cum and sweet nectar

I savor on our joint release

Instantly lose control of thought

Body floods with ecstasy 

This makes your evening a delight

Well worth coming home   

*pictures found on Internet 

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