Her Bodyguard Part 7

Where does time go ? I started this series, Her Bodyguard, what feels like a couple months ago. Only to realize I posted the first part, Her Bodyguard Part 1, November 30, 2014. So with October coming to an end let’s revisit this series and create a Part 7.

Her Bodyguard Part 7

she stands at the roadside, autumn dances around her feet

sifts through her daily mail, a familiar hand lights her face

tingles jolt inside her, she opens his letter

with a key in hand, she boards the plane

leave everything it said, what i can do is better

lust was his plan, the want for him, drove her insane

She enters his elevator, flashbacks touch her inside

his hardness will implore, her weakness her soul cried

Like magnets, their lips lock

Barbaric instincts take over

Fierce battle for dominance

Knock over tables, crash lamps

To a fevered lust on the floor

Buttons fly across the room

Fabric shredded by passion

Hands fondle

Fingers probe

He skewers her with his manhood

The air is grasped by her acceptance

He just grinds deeper inside

She is his, with no resistance

Her thoughts spin with a lusting pain

Sucking her breasts,

Animalistic devour

His greed is nothing humane

Their technique was so primitive

Foreplay was out of the question

She took everything he could give

His temperature was about to boil

His body stiffened with pleasure

She accepted his seed and soil

But was left, wanting more


*images found on pinterest

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