Beyond Ecstasy 

 Hands upon your skin, like a million  kisses, inch by inch a wild fire, they sear, burn, ignite your curves with an obsessive desire to devour your senses, not able to get enough, contact, grasp, grope for more, more hands, a thousand hands it seems, sinners on your swollon curves, tightened muscles as if an addict trying to get a fix, hands that make love, claim, urge, sedate your emotions which can not get enough of you until their ache for euphoria becomes your skins ache for touch, need, desire for those hands to become one with your skin, your want, beg for them to endure the submission beneath the power, the grip that holds you, carries you to another plateau another level, beyond moans, beyond words, beyond ecstasy 


2 thoughts on “Beyond Ecstasy 

  1. I know this feeling. Demons clawing at your soul. You can’t breath. Fog fills your mind. Butterflies fill your stomach. Molten lava fills your veins. You can’t stop. All you can do is want, crave, beg for more. A runaway train destroying everything in its path just to reach its desired destination. I’ve known this feeling. I’ve hated this feeling. I’ve loved this feeling.

    Enjoyed reading all that you’ve written.

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