Open Road

That slight touch to my arm when we noticed the spare tire was not inside the trunk. It was a modest graze that brings comfort between strangers or was it a flirtatious fondle to arouse? Her voice was sensual. Seductive, when she described that she just wanted to get out of the rain and spend the night at any motel. She was tired, cold and wet from a storm that seemed to never let up. The rain became your skin. Dripped like an icicle inside, keeping your bones cold and your teeth chattering. Was this the attraction? To have her body warm me, her breasts pressed against my chest? To feel the heat between her legs surround me and pull the coldness from inside? Hearing a feminine voice whisper in my ear, scream under me ? Could I have stumbled across such a beautiful woman, with no strings attached? Not my usual mannerism you see. Sure I am devoted, or am I just saying that to please myself. To ward off the attraction to her. You could see in her eyes crystallized snow reflecting on a backdrop to crimson blue. Those eyes so jaded with piercing eroticism. You become memorized by the speckles that twinkle endlessly. Eyes that seduce louder and more effectively then words or actions themselves. Could it be her feelings? These are thoughts you drive in the darkness and debate. Are they advances or just misrepresentations? Those eyes so wanting to be my pleasure, no what I am saying? I’m filling those eyes with my thoughts.

Rejection was in my mind as a power struggle between good and evil fought.

Memories flash to back home, my wife preparing dinner for our children while I am away at the conference. Some opportunities only come once in a lifetime. I am a good looking man. Tall, medium build with brown eyes, black hair and a well groomed beard. Well spoken with or without this yankee accent.

Her hair is a fetish of mine, an intense fiery red, not to long, shoulder length with curls. Tempting enough to run my fingers through and wrench her head back, reach in and press that matching lipstick onto my lips and spread it down her chin and neck. No, what would my wife say, loyal wife of 15 years, stability, the mother of my children, but so not what I crave right now. Sex is good, no sex is great and the bond is seemingly forever, but is it like a routine? This woman consumes my face now. Inhaling my breaths, drowning me in what I desire, crave. I feel intoxicated by her presence for reasons suited for ecstasy. Passionate visions of sacrifice run through my mind. Jesus on a cross looking down and blood dripping from his hands. Although I harden with thoughts holding this woman I have not known for more then a few minutes. Passionately rubbing my groin into hers. Thrusting my hips, plunging deep between her legs. Bathing in her juices for lengths of time not feasible in today’s fast paced world. With all this wrestling around my skull I suddenly realize reality as a car alarm beep-beeps a few parking spaces away.

I stand just under a canopy on a sidewalk broken and cracked where puddles form and a flashing neon sign reflects like a bad dream or a murder mystery on the television. Raindrops bounce as marbles through the reflection as the rain does not show any mercy on this autumn night. Not really sure if I left the parking lot or how I got back here. I drove her here, made sure she got a room and gave her my number to call me in the morning and we would get her car fixed. I do know this is the last place I saw her wonderful smile. Full lips that stretched from dimple to dimple. When I witnessed her vanish behind a closing door. Her hand effortlessly waved thank you or was it a see you later wave? Both combined to run a thousand fingertip feelings below my waist. Teasingly soft movements, her wave may not have meant to seduce, but it seduced me all in one fluid motion. Erotic, so wanting, that I find myself here again.

Nervous needing to feed off what I desire from her, or just her? To please myself or to please her? To experience this rush. This will for me to feel what I didn’t when I was a back in the neighborhood outside the Big Apple. To share different experiences with women. Natural instincts to satisfy internal desires. Release from everyday stress to produce pleasure within yourself and give pleasures to another. Those days I was jealous as I didn’t know how to ask or approach these experiences. Afraid to be an invasion to personal space or was it rejection that I feared.

Interrupted by a wind gust that went howling against my back and pushed me towards the door. Slapping rain against my neck threw me forward. Arms outstretched to catch my balance. I was forced upon room number 19. Hands thudded against the door and the 9 swivels upside down and swings back and forth so typical for a motel of this stature. One recognized by a police vice unit, imitating hookers and a John or two. Drug busts, hangout, hideaway. Here in the middle of the bible belt where else were you going to stay? It seemed like hours between each exit in this part, just northeast between two major cities in southeastern Tennessee. No Holiday Inns across this stretch, as this particular off ramp was another part to Lee Highway that seems to be in every town across the south. Thoughts and dreams come and go on this unusual dark, twisted night, but I became conscious again to see her smile. Inviting, so not surprised to see me standing before her. The door was open now to the room. She wore just a t-shirt with nothing under it. This was obvious by her nipples swollen behind the cotton that restrained them from my bare contact. Without a second to speak or a hesitation, I controlled the contact, entering, closing the door and turning the deadbolt with a loud click. Reached and grabbed a nipple in the cup of my left hand and ran my right hand up her face. Behind her ear my fingers flowed through her hair and tugged it as I did moments earlier in my mind. That tantalizing redness that now filled my hands was damp and it was either from the rain outside or the shower that sounded like it was running. The room had a old musty smell blended with a soothing vanilla aroma. The lighting was dim as just a small table lamp by the television was on and a flickering flame danced from one candle by the nightstand. This must have been the sugar cookie scent that reminded you of comfort, warmth, mom holding you as a child to ease those childhood nightmares.

Placing my lips against hers, bringing moisture with my tongue as I kissed and poked my tongue between her lips and touched hers with a slow darting, waiting for rejection kiss. I pulled her head back with a soft but forceful tug and begun to wet the dryness inside her. I felt some resistance, some but not a lot as I feared. Did I fear the resistance or was I sure that she was willing? The candle flickered just outside my vision but stirred something inside of me. Candles, flames, fire has always inspired my soul. It releases energy, creative forces that I do not know I have. Awakes my mind to feel my heartland push forward and keep pleasing. No talking, no name exchanges. I just pull her hair harder and push her with my tongue and body back until the bed takes her legs from under her. Falling back onto the sheets that were already turned down and to the side. I was not in control. I was out of control. No I was in control and was not about to release this moment for anything in the world. Was I prepared to force myself onto her? Was I prepared for a struggle? A scream? I straddled her hips and started up her shirt. The v-neck begun to spread and her voluptuous breasts drew a cleavage that would make any man desire. Before I knew it her shirt was off to a soft internal grunt. Her breasts sprung out from the restricting cotton fabric and outward her tits spread. I dove in like I was diving for gold. Like the desire moments ago I began to kiss, lick and nibbled my way between her breasts. On and around, over and back from nipple to under her breast. Skin and tongue melting as one. Teeth sending shock waves throughout her body. Rage making and fulfilling pleasure. I lingered at her chest for what seemed like hours. Not once did she resist, talk or scream. Echoing in my mind I did hear her whisper, a yell for help. It was to save her. To take her into another world. To keep her escaped from the reality that tormented her. I was devouring her and she was moaning. Muffled moans, confused. Maybe she thought I was a killer, or maybe she was keeping her excitement controlled to not show fear. Was she shocked into silence, scared to death, scared to speak of what might happen or eventually will happen?

I wanted things from this woman I’ve never asked anyone for. That is the point as I tugged on her nipple and looked up at her face. It was to ask for this. This just happens in a fantasy, in a dream. I searched her face, her eyes and I found them staring back at me. Empty but filled. The deepness was seductive. Black lines glittering, slicing up and defining the blue. I saw fear of what was next, mixed with the pleasure of being saved. Saved from what? Loneliness that engaged her? The same look as when I knocked on her window about an hour ago. Distressed, being alone on the roadside in middle of well, it even crossed my mind, nowhere. Was this her fantasy?

Nothing raced through my mind. No thoughts, just a passion to have her. To make her scream and explode with pleasure. Nibble, suck and lap at her tits like a hungry animal. Groping her with my hands. Squeezing her nipples close together so I could suck both almost at the same time. Cupping and fingering the mountainous curves of her chest. I was lost in a lustful feeding. My kisses began to move down her stomach as my chest pressed against the steam, rising from her, boiling. The skin was smooth and delicate. My lips and tongue skated along every pour searching for the entrance to begin our culmination.

First my hands moved up her sides and encompassed her breasts again. My head bowed down and my tongue slid across her nicely trimmed entrance. Slowly parting the edges to reveal her wetness. I could feel the juices stir. Begging to be tasted. Wanting to be sipped. Hips moved in a way I knew she enjoyed my tasting her. The second lick filled my tongue with her. Very wet and aroused I explored just inside. Her tits swelled in my tightening hands. She bent her knees upward and allowed a full view. Lips spread with ease as they were beginning to sweat the pleasure. My tongue shot in and out. Flickered back and forth, up and down. Pushing at her, teasing her with licks and playful sucks. I heard the first loud moan. It was so enjoyable that I felt a pre-cum release from my cock. Her hips moved round and muscles began to flex as if she was about to start her orgasm. I stopped. You could hear the frustrated sigh leave her mouth.

She was burning, I was burning. I stood over her and removed my shirt. I was in kicking distant and it was my groin that was not protected. She didn’t move. Her eyes stayed focused on me. Watching as I pulled the pants off and flung my clothes to the floor. I stood over her naked. Hard and erect like I’ve never been in years. I could only compare it to the night of hard partying sex as a young man. Throbbing solid hard shaft ready to please and be pleased. My heart pulsated the length of my hardness. I touched myself and her eyes glistened They ached to touch me. Tearing that she will never be able to feel me. She was stroking me with her pupils. Dilated to a point where the alluring blue overwhelmed. Reached out slid forward and back across my cock. My hand joined her and stroked my pounding pulse. Encircled the rod and squeezed enough to watch her eyes explode as the pre-cum surfaced. The candle kept distracting my attention.

“Get the candle.” She erotically whispered. As if she was reading my mind.


I leaned over and grabbed it. Holding power and magic in my hands above a Goddess, like a priest and his glass of wine at mass. Although I did not drink from the glass but I tipped it and watched as wax dripped from the edge. Time seemed to stop. This lone drop fell below me onto her chest. Ecstasy filled the room as she let go from the silence that held her captive. So thrilling it aroused something more inside. She grasped hard onto the headboard. I let another drop go and the wax sealed a mark like a soldered weld. Thrusting her upward. Back fully arched to receive the pain I was pleasuring her with. Excitement deafened my hearing. Pain welted upon her skin as the hot wax had duel purposes. I made a few droplets run down the outside curves. Creating 3D lines that stuck to the bruised skin as they cooled. Every tilt to the flame raised the bar for another. Body convulsing, rowing in extremely deep passion, or was it pain. I watched as she craved the next burn. Her mouth moaning and gasping for air in the temptations I held above her.

I recall experiencing a time when I took a candle and dripped it on myself. Wrists and arms I recall. In one of those altered states of feeling numb. I wanted to see if it hurt. To see if one day I would do this and be able to give as well as receive. I could not hurt myself with pleasure, as I drop another, this time onto her nipple. I know I would be nervous and squeamish if the roles were reversed. I would enjoy the nakedness standing above me. Submissive to the power a female body has on me. Dominated to a point of no return though? I have never thought of it. No hands just the vision and feeling of what is next. Scary when you do not know the person. There is limits you must abide by not to cause damage. Never has a woman dominated me like that. I think it would be climatic to say to the least. Such a woman would have to have a craving as I. To enjoy pleasing more then being pleased.

The flame smolders out and a circled line of smoke rises to the ceiling. I stand there not knowing what to do next. Our eyes connect and the smiles mirror themselves a thousand times inside. She licks her lips. Nods her head. Motions for me. I place the candle on the table and kneel over her stomach. My cock settles between her tits and feels the smooth wax on her skin. Thoughts of how I can do this with chocolate float across my mind. To feel the pained pleasure and be able to lick and eat it afterwards.

Her hands remain outstretched above her head. They do no seem to be growing tired so I leaned across her head and run my hands up her arms. I feel her lips kiss the tip of me. I was over her mouth and had grown to a full erection instantly. I paused and looked back as she lick the shaft. Moistened her lips with the droplets escaping out. She opened her mouth and slowly guided those lips over me. In any other time or place I might have came right a way. Not here, not now. I helped her slide it back and forth. I began to thrust my hips and push myself deep into her mouth. She laid back and allowed the manhood to slide in and out. Her tongue flickered my shaft as I rocked her. Thrusting my pelvis towards her face and knowing exactly when to change direction. Her mouth sucked as I pulled out. Her tongue lapped against my cock as I pressed inward. I felt myself going faster so I slowed the rhythm down. She changed direction and used more of her tongue now. Hard probing jabs made me stop a minute. I felt the rush begin to enter for an exit. She wanted me to explode right now. I hesitated and pulled away from her thirsting. I positioned myself upside down. She licked my balls and played with them in between her lips as I settled in. My hands grabbed a hold of her ass and pulled her hips into my face. My tongue slid into her as she sucked me in. I flickered and played with her love. Used my hands to spread apart and slap back her cheeks. My tongue pointed hard and long as a cock. I began to fuck her with it. Rough and seemingly endless in and out motions. My mind raced as her sucking was fast and relentless. I could feel the blood pump and slam into my veins. I was losing control and things were spinning in my mind. Roller coaster full steam ahead, dizzy with no stops. Her hips tensed upward and I held her ass for the ride. She tightened everything as I fed from her orgasm. I was so involved with drinking her that I exploded like a cannon. I felt her mouth close and fill up with the burning lava. The warmth that surrounded my hardness. The moisture inside and around the shaft.

I devoured her as if I was never going to feed again. Not wanting to remove my hold on her. Squeezing her from behind collapsing myself into her mouth. Muscles contracted and expanded beyond their limits.

Finished, I carefully crawled over her. Silence was golden but I heard like a purring noise. I glanced back at her and she was basking in the moment. She lowered her hands slowly, I believe allowing circulation to regain in them. We hugged and melted together. I could hear the rain, or was it the shower still pouring water. The night was quickly escaping us. Tasting each other was not.

IMG_9323Awakened by a beam of light coming from the curtain. I look at the clock and see it is 6:14. I presume that is A.M. I turn my head and see nothing but curled up sheets and a blanket. She is not there. Where is she? Water still runs in the distant. Sun? Rain? Shower? I get up and check the small motel room to find it as empty as it was before we came here.

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