With Words

“Mmmm, you smell incredible”

A soft moan cuddles your ear

As I snug up from behind

Arm drapes over your torso

Your chest comfortably sighs

Fingers search for a perfect hold

Safely in my embrace

You shudder as my kisses upon

Another moan, as let go a soft whisper

“You are so beautiful”

Hands squeeze tightly together

You shoulder two or three more light kisses

“Your hair” as I comb it ever so gently “it glistens in your glow”

With each stroke I breathe “So soft, so silky, you are so sexy”

You turn back into me

Immediately we find each others lips

One dry kiss, soon becomes another moist,

Another becomes two more

As if our lips were just meeting

Fever grows with intensity

Touch, outline facials

Grunts, gasp for more

Tongues flicker, lips lock

“You taste, you taste oh so good, baby”

I am able to respire within

“I want to undress your beauty, one kiss at a time”

Your hand immediately runs down my chest

As mine finds yours

I climb on your body

Feel my jeans burst with excitement

My hips labor into yours,

A slow ferocious grind

Heavy breaths involve exhaled grunts

My hands speedily access your blouse

“Oh my, your skin is on fire, it screams for this”

My hand grabs your breast

Like teenagers in a backseat

Clothes begin to gather below our feet

“You feel so good, so hot baby”

Yes, kiss me like that

“Your so sexy, so beautiful”

The passion rips through me

As I burn for you,

Feel you melt around my flame

“Tell me,

Tell me what you want baby”


*Photo taken from pinterest

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