(Her) Rain Storm

 I was laboring all day in the yard. Log after log I split and chopped getting ready for winter’s chill. The clouds were moving in pretty fast as the sky looked eerie, but then so were my thoughts. She was inside my mind, teasing me all day, while I was out here slaving and sweating through this large pile of wood. She is safe inside where it is still warm and cozy, wearing that skimpy night gown, pressing herself against the window, rubbing her tits and licking her lips. It was not until she starting vacuuming near the picture window, that she gave me a show, a strip tease performance like no other. All flamboyant with big air movements and tossing her lingerie across the room, spinning around the wand of the vacuum like it was a stripper’s pole and bending over baring her ass for my eyes to drool about. She knew I was watching, wanting, distracted by her naked body. It was a voluptuous body I craved to do everything possible to, even if she was doing house work all day and was all hot and sweaty. It did not matter, she was hot, she knew it, I knew it. I desired her and she always made sure I did. She would occasionally run her finger from her mouth down between her rounded beasts, encircling her nipples and working it towards her beautiful sex. Gentle rub of herself and gave me a really good show. She then has the audacity to suck that sweet nectar off her moistened finger. God damn this woman drives me crazy, knowing I have to get all this wood chopped before the storm breaks the ridge. I can feel the urge build inside of me, I need to have this woman. Every swing of the ax is met with a jolt, an internal grunt of wanting to slam myself into that fresh shaved pussy she keeps dangling in front of me. I felt the raindrops start to splatter. One by one they came down, big drops of rain indicating that the storm is going to be a rough one. I continue to labor through the drizzle until the skies let lose. I look up at the house and see her standing, bent over with a dildo suctioned to the picture window. She was slowly backing herself up, taking the shaft deep into her dripping sex, tearing me apart from the inside out. Her ass pressed on the window, the smoothness matching the smoothness of glass, pressed against, wiggling, slapping her ass onto the glass. The rain gashed my eyesight, pelted down as the wind intensified the force. I placed the ax hard into the chopping stump and strained through the heavy downpour to the front porch. She was unaware of my absence, pleasuring herself at my disposal. I entered the house, soaked to the bone. I hurriedly walked to her. She was grinning from ear to ear, all giddy and  happy to see me. I steadied myself close to her face. Standing over bent form, her puppy dog eyes looked up at me. She reached out with a hand over the bulge in my wet jeans. I hear the suction of juices being splashed by the dildo entering her wetness. I lose it, I truly had enough, there is that point, that point of no return and I reached it. I was hard, hard as steel and the blood throbbed heavily through every vein that bulged from my shaft. I grab a good handful of her hair and begin to drag her, steamed angrily towards the door with her trailing behind me. She resisted at first with an unexpected yelp but I dredge forward as she stumbled to keep her feet on the ground to avoid me totally dragging her. I kept my hold on her and pulled her frame outside. The storm met us without forgiveness as it clearly passed the ridge and the deluge barreled upon us. Instantly her body had water running down it. The rain was relentless. I was adamant as the storm and was driven by an underlying crazed impulse. I took her to the wood pile, shoved her towards the back of the pick up truck and pushed her over the open tailgate. She began to raise up and I held her down. I tried to tell her oh no but the storm deafened my voice and camouflaged my sounds.

The innocent teasing was clearly over as I held her down with my hand in the small of her back. My jeans fell below my knees as my erection sprang into her showered storm. The rain was so hard it was hard to breath properly let alone hear her gasp for air. I held myself strong letting her whimper from the reality of my erection. I then immediately removed myself and slide my hardness back into her, stretching, reaching deep into her again. I grab her hips and continued to pump them up and in, pinning her thighs against the truck. Unmercifull to her comfort I just watched the truck rock with my pulverizing motion. Her hands trying to claw, grab at the truck bed, anything to grip onto as the torture I plummeted into her was worse than the storm nipping at her skin. My ache was being fed and it was more than hungry for the appetite that was intended. Diving myself repeatedly inward, devouring her freedom, she so righteously displayed earlier for only my eyes to see. I continued my onslaught into her and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading them apart as I dove inside her again and again until my pain could not hold out any longer. I took a final lunge deeper than ever before and trapped her between the truck bed and my steaming seed overflowing from her folds. I tightened, stiff as the wood I chopped moments ago and looked into the sky. The rain baptized my face with a purity as my groin released it’s own pureness well inside her. I felt her counter my finale with a boiling eruption of her own. She satruated me with an eruption of her own lava.

This woman had tortured and tormented me all day long, it was my turn for a revenge reversal but I did not play by the same rules. I grabbed her soaked hair and yanked her upright. She was limp and barely conscious, basking in the rain and the aftermath of a brutal orgasm. She was manhandled and I could feel her muscles quiver with delight. I took her forcefully back a step and turned her to me. I held the sides of her face and kissed her with the same purpose of need I just displayed. I scooped her over my shoulder and carried her around back to the pool house. I laid her on the massage table we have there. The drunkenness in her eyes said it all. She was intoxicated by an impromtu that she had no idea what was happening. I took a few straps and tied her wrists and legs to the four corners of the table. After working that ax all day I was pretty pumped and I think I even tied them tighter than normal. She was in my head, she was in my loins and I needed to release that ache she toyed with. I took a towel and softly patted her body dry. I was meticulous in my approach. Gentle and slow, making sure every inch of her was dried properly. Once I was sure that there was no water remaining on her I took the vanilla oil and drizzled it across her stomach, her chest. I ran it down her legs, maybe even applied too much but at this point I did not care. I caressed her skin with the oil, sliding back and forth kneading her muscles to relax. I worked my way to her shoulders and worked like a masseuse except I fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples to attention which boldly penetrated from her body. They were pulsating like my groin, feeling the blood push at the limits of skin as I pleasured the areola of her breast. Soon I was down across her stomach and began rubbing the inner part of her thighs. Stretching the skin downward towards her knees and pushing ever so slightly back to barely touching the outer parts of her sex. I could see in her eyes the begging, the want, the need for me to touch her. The moist dew glistened from inside her. My hands caressed around her desire for quite sometime before my tongue began to massage the inner folds of her sex. Her sweet nectar dripped onto my tongue as it moved up and down on her clit.
Her body was already writhing in complete ecstasy when I pushed further inside her. The tingling sensation numbed my senses as another orgasm escaped her. I sucked hard on her, not wanting to miss a drop of her sweet lava. She shook uncontrollably before me. Moans of forgiveness, pleads for more echoed as she struggled with her restraints. I backed away, mesmerized by her drenched pussy. I t was tattered and torn by my manhood. I stood and stared at it. It sighed from relief and yearned for more. She craved for me to take her any way I wanted. She begged me to touch her, to take her. She needed to subside the ache crawling wildly through her veins. It cursed and dug a hole in her that will never be repaired, never have a chance to recover from. That is when i reached for the flogger and it bit across her stomach. Her eyes swelled with fear and cried with excitement. The sting left a redness that matched the next landing of the leather across her lower abdomen. It dragged slowly across her skin, removing the oil which in turn weighed the individual strips of leather down and smacked her skin violently without regret, without sorrow. Her body stung with delight as my perfected ax swing laid the perfect marks up and down her glorious features. Watching her flinch in a sickness of pleasure turned me on. I laid the towel over her eyes and lit a candle. I would barely kiss her skin in between two or three flogs, dangling what she desired just above her blood risen skin. This was a nice switch of not knowing if she was going to receive pleasure or pain until the candle was tilted and I drizzled wax over the crimson welts from the leather. I now had three things to satisfy her indulgence. I would alternate from the flogger, to a gentle brush of my lips to a drip or pour of wax that became closer and closer to her skin for an intense sear of lust. All of this as I sipped from a glass of whiskey on the rocks. I even let a drop of it fall between her velvet lips. Watch her hips jerk from the cold splash as it runs down to the crack of her ass. Never waste a drop of whiskey so I would run my tongue over the slickness and lap up the caramel colored liquid. As I licked her, I pardoned the acts when she teased me from inside the window glass. However, now it was another ice cold droplet onto her nipple, followed by a tip of hot wax. She screamed in a paradox of overtures fighting between the extreme contrasts of sexual pleasure and persecution. Engulfed in a soft gentle kiss I would crucify her emotions, her mind and release a flood of more juices by a swift swat of the leather flog. She convulsed in pleasure and twitched in a painful tenderness. I finally took an ice cube and rubbed it over her chest, circled her nipple and built the coldness up to a need, a want of feeling the warmth of my mouth consume beyond another euphoria, but I did not. I once again let the wax sizzle in complete opposition to what she desired and in time I drew tired of doing this over and over again. The approvals seeped from within her until they were inebriated and completely dried from exhaustion. The rain still pelted the tin roof as I sat back in the chair and admired my rage, absorbing the fact that this woman demanded this from me, for me. To be like this and submitted herself to only be my resource for pleasure, my pleasure within a storm, to please her internal ache to have me.


*picture was found on tumblr


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