Sigh of Content

Is it wrong to continue these roads alone? Sunken slightly in the ditches that line them. This journey turns toward gazing stars to behold. Fiery centers and brighten glows. Await the call, a message, another to put all doubts aside. To find happiness along the way. To rest under stars is a comfort to appreciate. Angels in the sky, to look over you. A stilled beauty, admired as endless as the questions about them. They give us hope. Do not give up that hope, find that right star for you. One to stand guard and open new galaxies. Soar, through Milky Ways. Jump, through light years. Bring that warmth and smile to your face. Sitting here time and time again, you wonder. Is it the surprise you have to wait for or will the heart ever feel the sigh, the sigh of content?

Moments thought to be real, passed like seasons in a year. Search the seas and the shores, for the one to hold. Some have wished upon. One has fallen, shooting through the heart. Life moves around me, scared of this sunken loneliness absorbing me. To wake before me, shower with kisses. To sleep after, to warm of the coldness. Walk aside to dawned paths only visioned in dreams. Wake early and venture to nature. Exchange advances from one to another. May her sites be different then mine and join in the middle. Today is the waters’ way, tomorrow have the stars light the way. The prairies and hills she may admire, the mountains and falls where we will make our love stand tall. Deep trails in the woods, camping beneath the moonlight, undressing another mind until the nakedness forms one. Playing, stimulating the senses. Exchanging words with a slant plunging to the edge of our limits, slowly I lay beside her. Handing her warmth, yet never touch her. She returns the pleasure, a slight intense teasing of her treasure. The clothes were removed a time ago and passions have burned the room. Now becomes the reason, I have been taken down this trail. Souls exchanged, by way of distance. Erotic fantasies shared and displayed, but this love goes far beyond the sensual kisses and desired moans of a sexual encounter. The backdrops of the horizon teases the eyes with a glow of hope as the moon’s fullness joins the two silhouettes across the land they have rested upon. The sky blackens with a hint of blue as the stars begin to turn and caress the questions that another belongs to you. Not another night would be better than to join the two. A soft calm whisper, the fish splash erotic tales of the water by leaping, an attempt to see. A flock of ducks stand along the edge of this wonderfulness. They gather in the twilight. The sun reaches upward to cast a shadow upon their togetherness. This is, a sigh of content.

*photos are not mine

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