On a Leash

He gave direction for her release

Held her with an invisible leash

Sat across from her, sipped his drink

Precise instruction, nothing to rethink

Remove your clothing, bare your soul

Her anticipation was taking it’s toll

Pleasure yourself, lose control

His spoken words fueled her parole

“Caress as I would, touch your skin”

Your face, neck is where she was to begin

Sensually explore, all your sensitive areas

He enjoyed her diligence, on the brink of hysteria

As she approached the finish line

He yelled for her to “STOP“, just in time

She quivered and shook with frustration

He saw in her eyes, that look of elation 

Took the last swig from his glass

Asked to be straddled, to see her ass

They infused into each other 

   She lowered her hips to smother 

He grabbed and played with her backside

Moans and screams became amplified

He gave one last direction to release

As she unhooked herself from his leash


*photo is not mine 

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