Dark Twisted Love Affair 

The conclusion of ‘Dark Twisted Love Affair’.

Her iris allows the light of his day to enter her soul. She is a spectacle to behold, a specter to his reality. Yet he basks in the deep diamond teardrops she sheds for his attention. He is a lost soul wandering aimlessly among the many opportunities she has available to her. His hand held out for that romantic gesture to join him in another galaxy. He suffers through the loneliness to feel her touch, to touch her skin. To merge two celestial beings into a shooting star across the darkness of space. The darkness of curtains closing on an encore of fireworks bursting to an applause of greatness. The darkness which closes his eyes to her beauty. The darkness which follows her in the shadows to his presence.

She stands before him. Finds herself in the stare he hypnotizes her with. She feels sexy. For the first time she feels wanted. Desired. She feels his eyes comb her skin with kisses. Brush her soul with passion. Shivers that excite her womanhood. Wash away the dryness with tingles of joy. His brown eyes, hard thrusting brows grasp her thoughts. Leaves her weakened to his presence, his firmness throbbing, pulsating for her warmth. “Take me with your hands. Let me feel your roughness caress the softness of my face. Hold me in time as your lips converge upon mine. Dance in a hunger to taste me.” She gasped in weakness.

The cloud of smoke dissipates. She is back to reality. He sits across the room with his head turned slightly. She thinks he was staring at her, but her mind had drifted to the place her needs were already anticipated of being there. She was flustered. Dizzied. Shaking from his touch, caressing the insides of her breasts, the death to her soul, the relaxing of her heart. Butterflies scurried throughout her as their wings sent shock waves to the nerves which anxiously awaited his touch, his kiss, him.

He lifted his head slowly. Followed the rainbow to her. She was beautiful, gorgeous, she was a mermaid in his ocean of dreams. He felt confident, he grew with lust and was strong as a rock. However, she was his weakness. He scanned her body every chance he got. He longed for her legs, the smooth lengths he wanted desperately to run his hands up and down. To kiss and taste the salty flesh that hardened for his tongue, his lips, him.

As they dance within each others gaze across the floor. A fortunate stroke to the match that lit the burn deep inside. Fate had them within inches of losing control in a frenzy of carnal eruption. Is when the lights flickered. The buzz of electricity bolted between them. The earth split open and pitchforks from hell rose with lava dripping from the prongs. The fire splattered like water on a grease fire. The sweat poured from his forehead as demons snaked from his skin and slithered down her limbs. Hissing and moaning, angered at the resistance to his touch.
He was warned about her. She was warned about him. Their attraction is so volatile that it will combust into a subconscious climax. Mind altering intercourse that will hold the memories of elation. Bury them for anticipation of a reoccurrence to top the before mentioned divine tastes of heaven.

The fear lingers over their shoulders. Holds them in place. Pushes them to the brink. It creeps into their minds when they least expect it. The forbidden fruit. The fear of trying to climb out of the entangled depths of touch, passion, bliss. It drags the weight of losing more than their souls to another realm. No, not just a soulmate, more than connection. This goes beyond the fluffy white doves and picket fences. It crawls through veins and itches the inner linings of sexual release. An ache, a toxin that is so flammable, so erotic in nature that it disintegrates all illusions of what is real and what is fantasy. It buries words within the grunts, the bare hands that enthrall wishing, wanting. The yearning of another body fevered in your grasp, in you, around you. Seperation from that exsistence that pleasure that brought you here, that makes you return. Imprisions you. Yet you have the fear of getting out, intact.

As magnets draw the two together, it pushes them away from this dark twisted love affair. The connection, the merging of destined souls eager to please, pleasure, release the others want. It gravitates to a higher being at the crest of their orgasm flooding them with spirits from another dimension. Craving for more. The need for even more. That uncontrollable rage of sexual energy generated by a look, a stare. Ignited by a touch, a kiss, a caress. Infernal myths change humanity of their souls to creatures who walk the night in search of nothing more than a lustful rape of desire.
A desire which is taboo. Which is questioned in an aftermath of guilt licking the skin of each other clean.


*photos are not mine



2 thoughts on “Dark Twisted Love Affair 

  1. “A desire which is taboo. Which is questioned in an aftermath of guilt licking the skin of each other clean.”
    DAMN!! Taboo, right, wrong, good, bad, guilt, or conscience clear, only the people involved can make that judgement. Let the views of the outside world remain silent.
    ABSOLUTELY Beautiful. My entire body is tingling. What a gift you have.

  2. Perfectly said. This four part series has consumed me as soon as it started. I absolutely love it and I know this feeling all too well. Every nerve in my body is on fire, this fire will destroy me but I will never let anyone extinguish it.

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