Miss Ally’s Masquerade 

For some reason I feel obligated to place a disclaimer here. The contents and or subliminal messages can be graphic or disturbing. Erotic horror inspiration lies deep within, what digs it out, is the dark and twisted writing we all want to explore. Vampire meets devil. 

IMG_9334-0Ms Ally’s Masquerade 
Low reveal, V-shaped blouse
High cut, scantily ruffled skirt
Every hormone impaled by her masquerade
Thick crimson gold, sips from her goblet
Mesmerized old men, stirring for a taste
Glitter drips, this is no ordinary brunette
She leans into her palm
Eyes scan the smoky room
Her blood pumps a steady calm
Unlike the night before
When it raced out her chest
As she was sucking a whore
A predator of the night
Dark and dangerous
Gave her more than just a fight

“I am that tall, dark figure
Long trench coat and a top hat
Hiding amongst the steam from the street vents
I stand and admired the pureness to these events
Fantasies always become real behind a masquerade

I surfaced from the shadows
A dark villianous back street I recall
Where Ally laps my semen from this drunken whore
The one I just fucked and filled
She was embalmed by me, to be still
To be my bait, my lure for Ally, the one I really ached to fill.

Ally staggered from my scent, my presence, my spore
Her hairs electrified down her neck
As I dripped down the leg of this whore
My release was so wicked and savage, she was left intoxicated
Ally gave her tongue, my hungry thrusts, replicated”

She had the blonde stretched out on the car
Hands pinned with fright
Widely exposed, like the first evening star
Bodies fused together as blood ran down her neck
She did not seem to mind
Fingers slid rapidly into the grind

Quivering and shivering hammered to a pulp
Her wet swollen puddle
Was feverishly sucked in one big gulp
Then Ally sank her teeth into a thigh
The blood summoned her intense high

“This is where I, the pressure I had, came to a boil
I had enough and needed to feel Ally 
To take what I ached for
To become a carnivore

That curvaceous brunette felt a hand wrap around her hair
I yanked her head back,
Blood and nectar dripped like perfume in the air
Icy blue eyes met my black soulless ones
Time stood still
She was now at my mercy, my will
I licked the blood dripping from her lips and down her chin
Slid my hand up her skirt and ripped her panties to shred
The blonde managed to escape into the night
Beautiful Alley was taken under the moonlight
I began to exhaust her sexuality
Repeatedly stabbed her folds
With every inch, she could hold
Her sharpened claws dug into my skin
She broke blood as I hissed in the wind”

He pinned her hands above her head
Continued his relentless assault
She met his fury with her own.
Gave him every last drop she had
Til she could cum no more.
When she managed to open her eyes he was gone…..
This, is how she became a mother, to his spawn


*picture taken from internet



6 thoughts on “Miss Ally’s Masquerade 

  1. I don’t have words descriptive enough to describe how this piece made me feel. The dark and evil stirred those same needs deep inside me that I want to remain hidden. Thank you for even the briefest of releases. Absolutely Delicious. 💋

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